Anna Stern awarded with the Swiss Book Prize 2020

Anna Stern awarded with the Swiss Book Prize 2020

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Thirty-year-old St. Welshwoman Anna Stern receives the 2020 Swiss Book Prize for her novel “das alles hier, jetzt”. He gave it to her on Sunday at the Basel Theater.

In her book, the author describes the mourning of a close friend who died at the age of 25. Entitled “das alles hier, jetzt” (here and now), his text, published by the Zurich publishing house Elster & Salis, is both an intimate process of mourning and a book of memories. It’s linguistically unusual: it’s never clear whether the characters are male or female.

Anna Stern has chosen a novel form to deal with one of the oldest subjects treated in literature, the organizers said in substance in a statement on Sunday. The very productive young author says she is surprised by the jury’s decision.

He retained four other authors: Dorothee Elmiger for “From the Sugar Factory”, Tom Kummer with “Von Bad Eltern”, Charles Lewinsky with “Der Halbbart” and Karl Rühmann for “Der Held”.

The award ceremony took place at the Basel Theater, but on a limited basis due to the pandemic. Unlike in previous years, only the winner of the Swiss Book Prize, endowed with 30,000 francs, was on site. The four other shortlisted authors will each receive 3000 francs.


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