“Anytime I appear pregnant”, says Camila Queiroz


Camila Queiroz revealed which are the two questions she hears most in the interviews. They are: When the miniseries “Verdades Secretas 2” debuts and when the actress intends to get pregnant.

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In a chat with Angélica on the podcast of “Simples Assim”, the actress stated that she already has the answer to one of these questions: “I had no answer to any. Now for the soap opera I already have: next year. Now, son, I don’t know ”.

Married to Klebber Toledo 2 years ago, Camila remembers that, as soon as she became known, she stated that she would like to be a mother at the age of 25. Now 27, the actress claims that she has not yet felt this desire, but recognizes that the couple has already stopped to reflect on whether it would be time to think about it.

“With this pandemic, which delayed all of our work projects, I think everything has been postponed. But we have no plans, ”he said.

“We are working hard, thank God. There’s the soap opera, I had a film to make this year and I didn’t get it, it would be my first film. So let’s see. I’m not really thinking about when it will be. Anytime I show up pregnant, ”she says with a laugh.

Camila said that her definition of happiness remains the same as when she was just a teenager: “My happiness has always been to be with my family. I love to stay at home, I love to enjoy my dogs, stay with Klebber and do things that we like to do, which is so rare ”.

“Apart from the pandemic now, we are always working: 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These are rare moments that we can stay at home, enjoy, be with the whole family together ”, he said.

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