“Arda Turan’s fever goes up to 39s”


Ayhan Akman: "Arda Turan's fever goes up to 39s"

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Ayhan Akman: “Arda Turan’s fever goes up to 39s”

Football commentator Ayhan Akman gave information about the health status of Arda Turan, one of the football players caught in the coronavirus in Galatasaray.

In his statement on the live broadcast of TRT Spor, Akman stated that the situation of Turan was a little better, “Arda Turan’s fever was up to 39s. Today I heard that he is a little better. I hope he will recover,” he said.

Arda Turan, in his post on his social media account, announced that the coronavirus test result was positive.

In his post, Turan added the note, “The result of my Covid-19 test was positive yesterday. I am under treatment and isolation at the hospital. See you soon”.


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