Assassination of Al Qaeda No. 2 reported in Iran

Assassination of Al Qaeda No. 2 reported in Iran

The murder in Tehran of the number 2 from Al Qaeda, revealed by the american newspaper The New York Times, is a “made-up information”declared this Saturday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, denying the presence of members this Islamic terrorist organization in iranian soil.

Assassination of Al Qaeda 'number 2' reported in Iran

Assassination of Al Qaeda ‘number 2’ reported in Iran

The enemies from Iran, United States e Israel, “they try to do to dodge the responsibility of the acts criminals from Al Qaida and others terrorist groups in the region and link Iran to these groups through lies Y leaks of information invented by media“said the spokesman for the ministry, Saeed Khatibzadeh, in a statement.

The United States and “its enemies in the region” created al Qaeda for its “bad policies,” added Khatibzadeh, who advised the press “not to fall into the trap of the Hollywood scripts of US and Zionist officials.”

The New York Times reported on Friday that Al Qaeda No. 2 Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, who was on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists List, was “killed by gunfire in the streets of Tehran by two motorcycle killers,” an information confirmed by US intelligence officers to the daily.

In addition to the al Qaeda leader, his daughter Miriam, the widow of Osama Bin Laden’s son, also died, the newspaper said.

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The attack, which was allegedly carried out by Israeli agents at the behest of Washington, took place on August 7 on the anniversary of the attacks on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, in which Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah was implicated, according to American justice.

Washington accused Tehran of harboring members of Al Qaeda – a group classified on the UN list of terrorist organizations – and allowing them to pass through its territory in 2016, which Iranian officials denied at the time.

“Although the United States has not hesitated to make false accusations against Iran in the past, this approach has become routine in the current US administration,” Khatibzadeh said.

He also accused the administration of the outgoing President Donald Trump of continuing an “Iranian” program in the framework of his “economic, intelligence and psychological” war against Tehran.


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