“At 90% with the optimal regime”. It will cost 2.80 euros per dose


AstraZeneca vaccine 70% effective: «90% with the optimal regimen». It will cost 2.80 euros per dose

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AstraZeneca vaccine 70% effective: «90% with the optimal regimen». It will cost 2.80 euros per dose

The Covid vaccine developed by AstraZeneca e from the University of Oxford, in collaboration with the very Italian Irbm of Pomezia, is 70% effective, i.e. it prevents the development of symptoms from coronavirus on 70% of people, according to what emerges from the ongoing large-scale experimentation. The BBC reports. The percentage of effectiveness however, it rises to 90% with the optimal administration regimen, which involves the inoculation of half a dose and a booster with a full dose after one month. The maximum tolerance for the elderly was highlighted. Confirmed on cost of 2.80 euros per full dose.

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AstraZeneca has the capacity to make more than 3 billion doses of its AZD1222 Covid vaccine available in 2021, pending approval. The vaccine, the company points out, can be stored, transported and handled under normal refrigeration conditions (2-8 degrees Celsius) for at least 6 months and administered within existing health facilities.

TWO TYPES Two different dosage types, AstraZeneca explains, have proven effective, with one regimen better than the other. No hospitalization or severe cases of Covid-19 were recorded among the participants in the AZD1222 vaccine trial. The data are related to the trial underway in Great Britain and Brazil and show that the vaccine is “highly effective in preventing Covid-19”. In this analysis, 131 cases of Covid-19 were considered.

The regimen with one dose of vaccine showed an efficacy of 90%: in this case the vaccine was administered with half a dose, followed by a full dose at least one month later. The the second regimen followed showed an efficacy of 62%: in this case two full doses were administered one month apart. The combined analysis of the two regimens gave an average vaccine efficacy of 70%. Further analyzes will be carried out to establish the duration of protection.


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