Because of Corona, more people are making a will

Because of Corona, more people are making a will


In the Corona crisis, according to a survey, people are increasingly thinking about dying and the finitude of life. The number of wills written has also increased slightly. It is noticeable that much less money goes to charitable institutions.

On behalf of the alliance for the common good, the survey institute Demoscope surveyed 1,050 people aged 45 plus, according to a media release on Friday. 36 percent of those surveyed said that Corona had made them think more about dying and the finiteness of life. As many as 42 percent gave more thought to an advance directive.

The number of people who made a will has also increased slightly – from 27 to 29 percent. Experience has shown that only around three per thousand of inheritances went to charitable institutions. Corona has not changed anything – on the contrary: If in the previous year 37 percent had indicated that they could imagine including a non-profit organization in their will, this value has fallen by almost half to 20 percent.

“It seems as if most of them have the feeling that they now have to look for themselves and their families first,” the communications expert Fredi Lüthin is quoted as saying.

In the communiqué it is said that the Swiss are of the opinion that non-profit organizations should get involved locally or regionally in the Corona times (53 percent). If you add Switzerland as an area of ​​activity, the value increases to 67 percent. Only a little more than a quarter of those questioned were of the opinion that aid organizations should get involved “globally” or “in poorer regions of the world”.

Switzerland’s vulnerability demonstrated

Raphael Vogel, project manager for social research at Demoscope, explains in the communiqué: “The outbreak of the corona virus has also shown the vulnerability of wealthy Switzerland.” Unusual for Switzerland, parts of the population suddenly had to rely on neighborhood help – local and regional solidarity had become topical issues.

In addition, there is a fear that the economic consequences of the corona virus could have a direct impact on the situation of employees and that cases of hardship would also arise.

In the survey, a majority was of the opinion that intergenerational solidarity had increased in recent months (63 percent) and that Corona had shown the importance of non-profit organizations (56 percent). However, only 18 percent believed that this solidarity would continue in the next few years.


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