businesses are pushing for a reopening

businesses are pushing for a reopening

"Half of Belgians live less than 50 kilometers from the border": businesses are pushing for reopening

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“Half of Belgians live less than 50 kilometers from the border”: businesses are pushing for reopening

A consultation committee is to be held on Friday. A relaxation of certain measures could be taken given the decrease in intensity of the coronavirus epidemic in Belgium. In France, President Emmanuel Macron announced the reopening of non-essential businesses this Saturday. And businesses remained open in the Netherlands and Germany. Should we also reopen non-essential businesses with us? David Clarinval, the Minister for Independents and SMEs, has indicated that he wants it. This morning, Doctor Yves Van Laethem also declared on Bel RTL that he was in favor.

The businesses, represented by their Federation Comeos, said it was necessary to reopen, believing that Belgium was “now an island of closed shops” and risked becoming “a bankrupt island of stores ” if the consultation committee did not decide to reopen the stores.

“French President Emmanuel Macron has just announced the reopening of all stores in France. Britain announced this earlier today. With all stores open in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Luxembourg , Belgium is now an island of closed shops “, Comeos said in a statement on Wednesday morning.

For Comeos, a large number of Belgians will go shopping with our neighbors if our stores remain closed. “Half of Belgians live less than 50 kilometers from the border”, argues the federation of businesses.

“The figures show that 1 in 3 Belgian families cross the border no less than nine times a year to make purchases. It is a billion euros less each year and this, without coronavirus. If everything remains closed with us, everyone will go across the border for their Christmas shopping. This is not a solution from a virological point of view and it is perfectly possible to shop safely in our own country and, in this way, to also give a future to our Belgian trade “, says Comeos.

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