Dear Vanessa Incontrada, we celebrate you like this: remembering how special you are

Dear Vanessa Incontrada, we celebrate you like this: remembering how special you are

On November 24th x years ago (we don’t want to blurt out the age of a lady, do we?), He was born in Barcelona Vanessa Incontrada: a frugoletta all freckles and big smiles, which, growing up, has become many things together. We will not list them, because you already know that Vane is a very good actress, presenter, writer, former model, and more generally a super woman champion of women (ok, we have listed them …). On the occasion of her birthday, however, we would like to retrace the reasons why millions of people adore her. To madness. Here’s what we like about her, today and always. Happy birthday, dear Vane, and … besitos!

Besitos, indeed, happy birthday!

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Besitos, indeed, happy birthday!

Without makeup, without deception and without … filters

Two-point-three-million: more followers, fewer followers. It is the audience of fans who follow Vanessa on Instagram every day, promoting her by right in the Queen Social empyrean. On the other hand, the Incontrada is the pioneer of the supreme golden rule that today reigns on Instagram, summarized in the motto “being true”. Even before the authenticity was encoded and cleared on social media (the official baptism can be identified in the posts by Chiara Ferragni who shows her cellulite), Vane already immortalized himself without filters on Instagram. Makeup was often optional too. Because she is like that, just as you see her. She doesn’t censor anything even if, during a video, she burps. How can we not love her?!?

Paladin of body positivity

It made us move. And discuss. And then again to move. Her media battle against body shaming began last year with a touching monologue a Twenty years that we are Italian and then culminating a few months ago on the cover, without veils, of Vanity Fair. Okay, perhaps as someone noted, the immortalized pose was a little like a penitent Madonna, it did not enhance its sensual charge and, here and there, it strategically covered physical defects. But the courage remains to show herself like this: naked in front of her fears. Proud and unarmed. But what we greatly appreciate is that, in addition to shouting injustice, Vane also shows us the face of body Positivity: a grainy smile on the world, dotted with freckles. And this is right because pride does not pass from being against something or someone but from the awareness that “we are (also) like this and we like each other”. Vanessa, who as a young man was one dizzying model, even now that its shapes are softer. His every post on social media, his every appearance on TV is in short a manifesto of positivity: concrete, direct, irrefutable.

Vanessa Incontrada in the fiction Like a mother

© courtesy photo/Rai
Vanessa Incontrada in the fiction Like a mother

Regina del girl power

Video: The Genoese case: the words of a friend (Mediaset)

“So kind and so honest it seems”, Dante would say. True. But wait until you see her on TV: here Vanessa turns into a panzer: if she is on video, there is none for anyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s a show or a fiction: Vane wins anyway. Which is a nice example of girl power: after so many grind heroes – listen, we finally have a feminine face. Sure, when it comes to fiction like ours always trim very sad characters: if she is not a widow (Don’t tell my boss), is at least a desperate mother (Like a mother) or, even worse, she is looking for her daughter who has disappeared into thin air (the most distressed Disappeared). In short, a crazy anxiety. In life, however, you can’t have everything and Vanessa herself often laughs about it. He even once confided to the press that his big dream would be to play an evil and dangerous woman. It is not known if his desired will be heard: who knows, maybe Mediaset will take care of it. Vanessa will in fact be the protagonist of a new fiction for Canale 5, which is subject to the utmost confidentiality. In the meantime, however, a desired of the audience: reviewing Vanessa next to Claudio Bisio a Zelig. The special episode aired on May 30th: an online marathon of laughter, from 6pm until late at night on the website, to alleviate the mood of Italians afflicted by the pandemic. It was no coincidence that the show was called Zelig Covid Edition. Thanks for existing, dear Vanessa!

The family

But let’s also talk about Vanessa’s private life. For 13 years she has been linked to Rossano Laurini and together they had a son, named Isal. Please note: thirteen years in the entertainment world are half a miracle. Much more experienced couples have capitulated before, instead they hold up, despite the rumors. This summer, in fact, the indiscretion of a possible marital crisis between Vanessa and Laurini went crazy. The actress, however, kept the strictest confidentiality, preferring not to comment. Which then is the best way to overcome a possible crisis: face it away from the spotlight, heart to heart with the person concerned (and that’s it). Also in this Vanessa gives us a good life lesson.

I cani

At first he only had one: Gina. A very nice poodle, who followed her (and follows her!) Everywhere: even on the set and at press conferences. A few years ago, at the presentation of the last season of Don’t tell my boss, Gina had slipped over the speakers’ table, until Linen Pillow he did not grab it and gave it back to the owner. But on Gina the stories are wasted, and so are the stories: the little girl is often the star of hilarious social media. From this summer, however, he has to share the scene with two other four-legged companions: Vanessa has taken two Golden Retriever puppies that she has named Tokyo and Zelig. The trio is nothing short of adorable.


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