Electric car rewards until 2025 and charging stations at gas stations

Electric car rewards until 2025 and charging stations at gas stations

The federal government is donating a further three billion to the industry for structural change

Tesla Model 3 refueling (M1 Italy)

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Tesla Model 3 refueling (M1 Italy)

To help the auto industry with structural change, the federal government wants to spend another three billion euros. This is a result of the latest online meeting between the Federal Chancellor and state politicians and the auto industry on Tuesday evening. The now report on this Bavarian Broadcasting and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

To this end, the so-called “innovation premium” (formerly known as the environmental premium) will be extended to 2025, which means that electric car buyers will receive a subsidy of around 9,000 euros for the purchase of an electric car for another five years. Previously, the premium was limited to the end of 2021. Plug-in hybrids are also apparently to be further promoted, although this could be linked to a higher minimum range. The federal government provides one billion for this premium.

So that the increasing number of electric cars can also be charged, by the end of 2022 every fourth filling station is to offer electricity charging stations in addition to petrol and diesel pumps, 50 percent by 2024 and even three quarters of the filling stations by 2026. There should be a voluntary commitment by the mineral oil companies. If that is not enough to achieve the goals, the federal government wants to make it mandatory by law.

In addition, there is a scrapping bonus – but for trucks. The aim is to replace old trucks with new, lower-emission ones. Not only the sale of electrified trucks and hydrogen trucks is funded, but also the replacement of vehicles with Euro 3 to 5 emission standards with Euro 6 trucks. a further billion is planned for this measure.

So one billion for the electric car bonus, one for the trucks. The federal government wants a third billion to flow into a “future fund for the automotive industry”, which is to support the transformation of the automotive industry.

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The auto industry and IG Metall welcomed the resolutions. Speakers from Fridays for Future and the environmental protection association BUND, on the other hand, particularly criticized the purchase premium for plug-in hybrids, such as tagesschau.de reported.

Regarding the charging column decision, the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BDEW) announced that the number of charging columns had already grown so much that it did not match the number of electric cars. At least 550,000 electric cars are required for economic utilization of the 33,100 charging points in Germany, but there are currently only about 240,000 on the road.

Source: FAZ.net, br24.de


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