Emma Roberts and her look in Calendar Love with a lot of The Nanny

Emma Roberts and her look in Calendar Love with a lot of The Nanny

Emma Roberts stars in Calendar Love, one of those romantic comedies that are the perfect antidote to have a good time and disconnect the mind a bit from the dense themes that surround us today. In the middle of a story of a (very) uneven couple, comical situations and the reckless character of the main character, it stands out his style, one in charge of the vestuarista Helen Huang.

If you were attracted to more than one look from Sloane (Roberts) in Love of Netflix Calendar, it is not mere chance. Helen Huang has been in charge of costumes for productions such as American Horror Story and some looks Birds of Prey, so it could be said that one of the designer’s specialties is finding pieces statement.

Emma Roberts and her nods to The Nanny in Calendar Love

© Steve Dietl/NETFLIX
Emma Roberts with Moschino cardigan in Calendar Love.

Between outfits casual garment-based loungewear and others much less off dutyThere was one in particular reminiscent of an old acquaintance whose style we carry in our memory (in a very special place, by the way). It’s Thanksgiving for Sloane and for the occasion, she wears a Moschino cardigan in combination with a leather skirt, black stockings and boots, does that sound familiar? Yes, around here we have winks to Fran Fine and The Nanny.

Although it is not something that the costume designer has expressed openly, it must be remembered that, Moschino It was like the daily uniform of Nana Fine, who made the blazers, vests and tops of the Italian firm, her great hallmark, hand in hand with impact miniskirts, transparent leggings and, of course, heels.

Emma Roberts in an Alex Perry dress.

© Vogue Mexico and Latin America
Emma Roberts in an Alex Perry dress.

From the hand of Emma Roberts, we see a modern reinterpretation of the strident style of The Nanny, with a colorful sequined flower cardigan. But this is not the only nod to the favorite babysitter on television, we also see it in that jacket animal print leopard print fur and in the seductive black dress that Sloane used on the first New Years where he meets Jackson (Lucke Bracey).

There are countless episodes of The Nanny in which its protagonist carries animal print leopard print, only in the pilot episode of the series did he make his triumphal entry with a tailored suit raised with this detail and from there, the rest was history: jackets, dresses, blazers, the animal print was another insignia Fran Fine.

On the other hand, black dresses for the night were another of the specialties of Fran Fine, who little feared wide necklines, strapless or to models fitted to the body to highlight your waist. The protagonist of Calendar love, ‘pays homage’ in the opening scenes with a design by Alex Perry.

As a curious fact, the designer of the movie streaming, has revealed that much of Sloane’s wardrobe it’s fully vintage, another detail that he shares with Fran Fine, who wore endless garments pre-loved from the hand of the costume designer Brenda Cooper. Undoubtedly, Calendar love it would become one of Nana Fine’s favorite films.


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