GloboNews and CNN did not broadcast Bolsonaro’s interview this Sunday

GloboNews and CNN did not broadcast Bolsonaro's interview this Sunday

Broadcasters News e CNN Brasil did not transmit the full interview that President Jair Bolsonaro gave this Sunday (29.nov.2020) after voting at Colégio Rosa da Fonseca, in Vila Militar, west of Rio de Janeiro. There, the agent spoke to the press for more than 20 minutes.

After voting, Bolsonaro criticizes one:

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After voting, Bolsonaro criticizes one:

We will monitor everything that the President of the Republic is saying. We will record what the President is saying and soon we will return with the most important excerpts of the speech of the President of the Republic“, Said the presenter of CNN Brasil Rafael Colombo when interrupting the broadcast of the interview.

A CNN Brasil informed that it does not broadcast live interviews during election season in order to avoid “influence the electoral process that is still ongoing“.

On News, images of excerpts from Bolsonaro’s interview were shown, but without the audio being aired. Presenter Christiane Pelajo emphasized the fact that the president removed his protective mask to speak to the press.

A Record News had problems with the audio of the interview at the beginning, but later managed to transmit the President’s lines until the end. The station belongs to the communication group of pastor Edir Macedo, who is the uncle of Marcelo Crivella (Republicans), a candidate supported by Bolsonaro in Rio de Janeiro in the dispute with former mayor Eduardo Paes (DEM).

Excerpts from the interview aired on Band and on the platform SBT News.

Bolsonaro interview

Without presenting evidence, the president again raised suspicions about the Brazilian electoral system. He stated that the government intends to work by the printed vote in 2021.

The issue of the printed vote is a necessity, it is in the mouth of the people. And the complaints are too many. There is no point in someone wanting to hit the chest and saying that it is safe, there is no way to prove it. We are seeing hacker work everywhere, even outside Brazil“Said Bolsonaro.

When asked about recognizing the victory of President-elect in the United States, Joe Biden, Bolsonaro said he had “sources”That confirm the fraud in the US elections. “I have my sources that really had a lot of fraud there [na derrota de Trump para Biden]. If it is enough to define 1 or the other, I don’t know”.

Bolsonaro also talked about privatizations. “You have to have confidence in Paulo Guedes. The economy is in his hands, he decides. Guedes has his reasons. Paulo Guedes is 98% of the economy and Bolsonaro was 1% and went to 2%“, said.

Correction: previous version of this report stated that the interview had been broadcast by SBT. SBT clarified that only 1 excerpt of the interview was shown on its digital platform, SBT News.

This report was produced by journalism intern Weudson Ribeiro under the supervision of editor Nicolas Iory


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