Harsh criticism of Hungary: too little done against corruption

Poland and Hungary are threatened with blockade

The Council of Europe calls Hungary’s efforts to fight corruption “inadequate”.


Gaps in the rule of law, i.e. in the media or the judiciary, that is currently the current issue in Hungary’s conflict with the EU institutions. But now another European institution is criticizing the government of Prime Minister Orban. The Council of Europe has again certified Hungary’s lack of efforts in the fight against corruption. As in the previous year, the improvement was “generally unsatisfactory”, according to a report published on Tuesday by the anti-corruption committee GRECO. Hungary “only implemented five of 18 recommendations from 2015 with regard to members of parliament, judges and prosecutors”.


Orban’s government, but above all himself, have repeatedly been exposed to serious accusations of corruption and nepotism in recent years. According to media reports, the prime minister has awarded lucrative contracts to his son-in-law and friends of his youth.

“Many points open”

Overall, the Council of Europe criticized many points that remained open, including effective systems to avoid conflicts of interest, transparency rules for meetings with lobbyists or a reform of the very broad immunity of parliamentarians.

With regard to judges, there has been no progress recently.

Anti-Bribery Measures

GRECO, which is affiliated to the Council of Europe, brings together representatives from the 47 member states of the Strasbourg country organization as well as from Belarus, Kazakhstan and the USA. The body was founded in 1999 and works to fight corruption. To this end, the experts regularly examine what measures the individual countries are taking against bribery.

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