I do take the butt out of the syringe

I do take the butt out of the syringe


Why does everything have to be complicated? Never an easy one, that we all understand? On August 11, Russia announces the registration of a vaccine against COVID-19. It is developed by the Gamaleya Institute and in the middle is the Russian Direct Investment Fund (?).

The Russians do not report the steps or results of phase one and two, and go on to phase 3, which every vaccine must have.

They publish after the scientific world demanded that these data be made public. Okay. Russia published in The Lancet. But the results of the first two phases and these data were also questioned by western scientists.

The Argentine President, Alberto Fernandez, assured that we will have the Russian vaccine, called Sputnik V, in December, when The results of phase 3 are not yet available, which, depending on the Russian speaking, may be at the end of December, January or May. It will be a translation problem.

The Russian president and his Argentine counterpart, Alberto Fernández.

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The Russian president and his Argentine counterpart, Alberto Fernández.

In full study, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, He confessed that he and his daughter have already been vaccinated, as if to show that Sputnik V is safe. Alberto, in conversation with the RussianHe graciously declined to be vaccinated so as not to have privileges against the Argentines. President, indulge yourself and privilege

Later, the Argentine government secretly sent (?) Carla Vizzotti, Secretary of Access to Health, with Cecilia Nicolini, presidential adviser and the wife of the Secretary of Health of the province of Buenos Aires (the spokesperson for a hecatomb that never happened), Raquel Mendez.

The Secretary of Access to Health, Carla Vizzotti.

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The Secretary for Access to Health, CarlaVizzotti.

And there appeared Mariana of God, from the digital medical services firm Traditium, God knows what he was doing there, along with executives from HLB Pharma.

The point is that we buy from the Russians, without being sure of its effectiveness, or knowing the level of immunity it provides or if it does not produce side effects, 20 million doses at $ 19 each.

Russian vaccine developers speak: “In two weeks we will publish results of phase III”

This Monday, the world (and the markets) celebrated that the Pfizer was 90% effective. Its price? U $ s19.50 per dose. The one from the Moderna laboratory is between $ 32 and $ 37. That of the University of Oxford and Astrazeneca, between three and four dollars. The Chinese, who knows how much they are worth.

Argentina, although they have laid eggs in different baskets, seems to have been fully involved in the new war of the powers. A war like the space war in the 60s: that disputed who got to put a man in orbit first. Today is to see who has the first vaccine.

But in this case, it is the health of the people at stake, not the national pride of those countries.

And Argentina, with Peronism in power, chose the side. Hopefully not the At a time of this race, and if you don’t know who the Laika bitch was, google it.

For now, if they come with the Russian vaccine, don’t count on me. There I do take the gluteus out of the syringe.


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