“It is a mistake to prohibit homosexual people from going to therapy to find their identity”


Macarena Olona

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Macarena Olona

All parliamentary groups except Vox have shown this Wednesday in Congress their support for a non-law proposition of Citizens to be ban sexual orientation conversion therapies and organizations that continue to offer treatment to “cure” homosexuals are sanctioned.

Only Vox has distanced itself from the consensus, recalling that, in addition to equality before the law, without discrimination, the Constitution protects the freedom of Spaniards: “Stop getting into our beds”, has asked Macarena Olona.

Likewise, he has attacked Citizens for “begging” the LGTBIQ collective to accept them, he has considered his initiative unnecessary because “homosexuality is not a disease.” And it is that for this training, supporting the initiative would mean “prohibit homosexuals from going to therapy to find their identity “, which” we all have as people and that we form through a biological process. ”

For her part, the spokesperson for Ciudadanos, Sara Giménez, has shown that, despite the advances in the fight for equality in this community, only four autonomous communities, Madrid, Andalusia, Aragon and the Valencian Community, sanctions prohibit these therapies of “aversion, conversion or counterconditioning of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression “.

Also from the PSOE, Lázaro Azorín has shown his support for the initiative todeal with “filthy” therapies, but reproaching the orange group that in the city of Murcia a grant of 8,500 euros was granted to the Mater Familiae association, which offers among its activities “family orientation” to “attend to cases of deviation of sexual conduct.”

The PP spokesperson, Teresa Giménez Becerril, has also joined the proposal to end groups that continue to believe that homosexuality “is an anomaly that can be cured” or a “deviation” and has made a call to pay special attention to minors and adolescents, especially vulnerable to these kinds of “abominable” practices.


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