“It would have been embarrassing.” The government mess over the new colors


Delays upon delays: the government has not yet learned from the mistakes accumulated in the past and continues to pursue the path of slowness. The non-decision is always at the basis of the action of the Giallorossi, who are not even able to keep up with the Dpcm just given birth. The Regions have been divided into three risk bands based on the epidemiological framework linked to the danger of the spread of Coronavirus. Already this morning it was clear that the wind was blowing: just before lunch the Ministry of Health made it known that today the data of the monitoring weekly: “The press conference scheduled for 4 pm will not be held today.” So skip the classic Friday update. A further complication that adds to the series of difficulties encountered in these hours.

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L’accusation that comes from the governors is clear: “The data is old”. Indeed, the latest report disclosed the numbers for the week between 19 and 25 October. That’s why Lombardy and Calabria are not there. The respective governors demand transparency and respect for the real situation: they believe that by doing so the potential positive effects of the restrictive measures adopted a couple of weeks ago have been overlooked. Not everyone agrees on the semi-lockdown provided for those territories that present (or present?) a high risk. The questions that many are asking have not yet found an answer. Why has this hard punch been undertaken without taking recent figures into account? Why was this all based on last week’s data?

The government mess”For 24 weeks the 21 benchmarks have been used without a single one Region ever objected to the model or the results of the consequent elaborations, nor has a dissenting voice ever raised by the Parliament of our country “, Minister Roberto Speranza tries to justify himself. But in the meantime today the weekly appointment is skipped. The numbers were too partial. to clarify the contagion risk situation of the individual areas and therefore – on the basis of the report of the Higher Health Institute – today new ordinances for other Regions in the area at least orange. But everything has slipped.

A source close to the dossier tries to minimize: “I’m a bit late with the data, but today they arrive, they process them and tomorrow they will tell us”. However, a government man, reports the Huffington Post, does not hide and explains that in addition to the problems there is a reason for political expediency. Today the red zones in Lombardy, Piedmont and Calabria, and the orange ones for Sicily and Puglia, placed in these risk bands according to the monitoring data of the control room last Friday, entered into force. “It would have been embarrassing possibly having to correct the shot just twenty-four hours away “, he explained. Another source of the executive also spares no criticism of the management of the situation: what is worrying is not so much what will happen from the next monitoring, but” the confusion that there was, in times and ways, in arriving at the definition of the first divisions of areas, with a communication that certainly did not help us “.


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