Lolita Ayala ventures into fashion

Lolita Ayala ventures into fashion

Lolita Ayala ventures into fashion

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Lolita Ayala ventures into fashion

Lolita ayala it becomes a trend in social networks once again, but this time it is not because of some “slip” like that of her intruder gargajo, but because in the face of the crisis derived from the pandemic, the driver found a way to get ahead and launched her store in line, ““without imagining how popular it would become.

On her official page, the former news anchor explained why she decided to have her own brand. And he sent a message to all the people who followed his path through the years.

“I will be grateful with all my heart,” said Lolita Ayala.

The communicator retired from television some time ago, and now she started her own clothing line in the face of the situation faced by all Mexicans.

“Today I decide to start a new stage through an online store,” added Ayala.

Through Twitter and Instagram, users have been fascinated with the journalist’s clothes, among which a black shirt with a vintage design from the newscast that the communicator had on Televisa stands out.

Another design that could not be missing is that of the famous rose that characterizes it.

Lolita Ayala has always maintained an altruistic image, so in her welcome message to the project, she promised to donate part of the proceeds to the “Solo por Ayudar IAP” foundation.


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