MARKETS A.LATINA-Mixed closes amid greater appetite for risk and doubts about coronavirus vaccines

MARKETS A.LATINA-Monedas operate with losses due to doubts about the success of the coronavirus vaccine

Stock Image: Illustrative photograph of a syringe and small vial that reads "Coronavirus COVID-19 Vaccine"

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Stock Image: Illustrative photograph of a syringe and small vial that reads “Coronavirus COVID-19 Vaccine”

By Froilan Romero

SANTIAGO, Nov 27 (Reuters) – Latin American currencies and stock exchanges had a mixed close on Friday, as global markets were torn between a surge in appetite for risky assets that drove the dollar and doubts about the effectiveness of a coronavirus vaccine.

* The dollar index fell to its lowest level in almost three months on Friday, after strong economic data from China pushed commodity currencies above what was considered safe havens and as equity markets continued their strong advance .

* The dollar has fallen more than 2% so far this month, as global confidence has been strengthened by Joe Biden’s victory in the United States and news of progress in the development of vaccines against COVID-19 , which has reduced the demand for the currency seen as a safe haven asset.

* Meanwhile, several scientists raised doubts about the success rate of the vaccine developed by the British pharmaceutical AstraZeneca.

* The Mexican peso was trading at 20.0850 per dollar at the close, down 0.29% from the Reuters reference price on Thursday.

* The benchmark S & P / BMV IPC index, made up of the shares of the 35 most liquid firms in the market, fell 1.9% to 41,605.69 points.

* The Brazilian real reversed losses and closed 0.19% higher at 5.3200 units per dollar and the Bovespa stock index rose 0.37% to 110,636 units and accumulated a weekly increase of 4, 3%.

* In Argentina, the peso fell 0.16%, to a record low of 81.03 units per dollar in depreciation regulated by the Central Bank, while the Merval index of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange reversed early losses and it rose 1.77%, accumulating a weekly gain of 7.64%.

* The Chilean peso lost initial gains and closed 0.13% down to 767.20 / 767.50 units per dollar, due to the closure of bank positions and despite an advance in the price of copper, the main shipment from the country. Meanwhile, the main index of the Santiago Stock Exchange, the IPSA, fell 0.12% to 4,117.03 points.

* Copper reached its highest level in seven and a half years on Friday on purchases by speculators and industrial users, acquisitions made in preparation for an economy rebound driven by COVID-19 vaccines.

* The Colombian currency closed up 0.31% to 3,606.90 units per dollar, its strongest level in almost six months. During the week, the peso appreciated 0.76%, while on the stock market the COLCAP stock index fell 0.1% to 1,261.74 points.

* The Peruvian currency, the sol, closed stable at 3.602 / 3.604 units per dollar and accumulated a weekly depreciation of 0.22%, while the benchmark of the Lima stock market rose 0.93%, to 523.60 points.

(Report by Froilán Romero. Additional report by Jorge Otaola and Hernán Nessi in Buenos Aires, Nelson Bocanegra in Bogotá and María Cervantes in Lima.)


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