Necaxa is eliminated from the tournament after bitter defeat against Chivas

Necaxa is eliminated from the tournament after bitter defeat against Chivas

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The Rayos del Necaxa played tonight in their playoff match against Chivas at the Akron Stadium in Guadalajara. The local team won a goal to zero with both Angulo.

José Guadalupe Cruz lined up Ángel Malagón; Julio González, Jair Pereira, Unai Bilbao, Idekel Domínguez; David Cabrera, Claudio Baeza, Juan Delgado, Alejandro Zendejas; Ian González and Lucas Passerini.

For his part, Víctor Manuel Vucetich sent Raúl Gudiño; Jesús Sánchez, Hiram Mier, Gilberto Sepúlveda, Miguel Ponce; Jesús Molina, Fernando Beltrán, Isaac Brizuela, Jesús Angulo; Uriel Antuna and Ángel Zaldívar.

The first minutes of the match were highly contested and even, as both teams tried to get the ball and exchanged early arrivals, although they lacked precision in the last touch.

As the minutes passed, it was Chivas who took the ball and began to orchestrate attacks on Malagón’s cabin, however, the goalkeeper and the Rayos’ rear responded when required and did not allow anything.

Zaldívar stayed close when he managed to receive in the Necaxa area and turned to shoot left-handed, but his cross shot was deflected from the frame.

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Guadalajara kept trying through its attack elements, but all arrivals were left in opportunities.

When the first half was about to end, Gilberto Sepúlveda joined the attack and after a couple of walls entered the area, remaining only to define before the exit of Malagón, however, his shot crashed into the post and the game went away

tied at zero after the first 45 minutes.

For the complement, the Rayos strategist sent two modifications in Maxi Salas and Mario de Luna, who replaced Alejandro Zendejas and Jair Pereira, respectively.

Guadalajara found the first one after the 53rd minute, a ball was left in the area after a rebound to Jesús Angulo, he outlined and tapped with his left foot to beat Malagón and put his team ahead.

After finding himself at a disadvantage, Jhoao Rodríguez entered the field of play, relieving Ian González to seek to have greater speed when attacking. Minutes later, Yerko Leiva and Fernando Arce also came in to try to tie the game. Those sacrificed were Claudio Baeza and David Cabrera.

Necaxa looked for him through Lucas Passerini when the forward received inside the area and looked for a Chilean, but the shot went out without force and into the hands of the goalkeeper.

Yerko Leiva also tried behind a wall with Passerini, but his shot went to the side. Necaxa was close with a shot from Jhoao Rodríguez, but Gudiño saved and deflected to a corner kick.

The Rayos kept trying until the end, but they were not forceful and the referee signaled the end of the game. In this way, Necaxa closed its participation in the Guard1anes 2020 tournament.


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