New corona entry restrictions for Germany

New corona entry restrictions for Germany

As of today, new German quarantine rules apply to travelers from Corona risk regions. The federal government has presented a model ordinance for this purpose, which the federal states must now implement. We clarify the most important questions.

Provided by Deutsche Welle

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Provided by Deutsche Welle

There could be regional deviations, especially with the exemptions from the quarantine obligation. Tourists who come to Germany are primarily affected. The ordinances generally provide for exceptions for commuters or for day trips to go shopping.

Which neighboring countries in Germany does the new regulation apply to?

The Robert Koch Institute lists almost all countries bordering Germany as risk areas. The only exception is Denmark, whose border region with Germany is not yet a risk area. However, the neighbor in the north closed the borders for German vacationers in October anyway.

What does the new quarantine obligation look like?

From November 8th, all returnees from risk areas are subject to a mandatory quarantine of ten days. It can be shortened if the person concerned can submit a negative corona test “at the earliest from the fifth day after entry”, as stated in the federal government’s submission. So far, there has been a mandatory quarantine of 14 days for those returning from risk areas.

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What are the exceptions?

The regulation does not apply to people who only come to Germany to pass through. You have to leave Germany as quickly as possible. Even those who have stayed in a risk area for less than 24 hours as part of border traffic with neighboring countries are not affected by the quarantine obligation.

Signpost to the test center at Stuttgart Airport: Tourists from risk areas in particular have to observe new rules

© Sebastian Gollnow/dpa/picture-alliance
Signpost to the test center at Stuttgart Airport: Tourists from risk areas in particular have to observe new rules

Commuters as well as doctors, nurses, supporting medical staff and 24-hour carers are also allowed to stay longer without quarantine. The exception also applies when visiting close relatives and the spouse or partner who does not belong to the same household – and if there is shared custody.

Exceptions also apply to people who transport goods by road, rail, ship or plane – as do high-ranking members of the diplomatic and consular services, representatives of the people and governments.

Can immigrants just step onto German soil?

No, if you want to go to Germany you have to register digitally at from this Sunday (November 8th, 2020) before entering the country. The new web application replaces the previous paper exit cards. “The digitization of entry registrations relieves the health authorities. You can find out quickly and reliably who is coming from a risk area and has to go into quarantine,” said Health Minister Jens Spahn. Everyone who has been in a corona risk area in the previous ten days must register.

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