Nine innovations in the field of electricity & self-sufficiency

Nine innovations in the field of electricity & self-sufficiency

Dometic is expanding its 10 series to include compressor models. These have doors that open to the left and right.

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Dometic is expanding its 10 series to include compressor models. These have doors that open to the left and right.

New refrigerators from Dometic

Dometic is expanding the 10 series with compressor models: The manufacturer now has absorber and compressor refrigerators with doors that open on the right and left in its range. Also new is an undercounter refrigerator that can be supplied as a compressor and absorber. Equipped with doors that open on both sides, the models are suitable for installation under the worktop or on the front of kitchens, e.g. in camping buses. The room-high units RCL 10.4 T, RCD 10.5 T and RCD 10.5 XT have 133, 153 and 177 liters of cooling volume and should be available from 1802 euros, 2627 euros and 2725 euros. The substructure version RC 10.4 T 70 has a capacity of 70 liters and starts at 1409 euros. Both the large refrigerators and the base unit are based on common models in terms of installation dimensions and, according to the manufacturer, can be retrofitted in many cases. The compressor fridges will arrive in November 2020, the absorber underframe refrigerator is available now.

Carbest air conditioners

Carbest introduces a new roof air conditioner with integrated air distribution unit and remote control. The system is suitable for motorhomes and panel vans up to a maximum of seven meters in length. The cooling capacity of the compressor system is 2500 watts, the heating capacity is 2600 watts. The system draws 4.6 amps in cooling mode and 3.7 amps in heating mode. The roof air conditioning system is 105.4 centimeters long, 73.6 centimeters wide, 25.3 centimeters high and 43 kilograms. A 40 by 40 centimeter roof cutout is required for assembly. Available from early summer 2021 for 1656 euros.

Awning control via the Fiamma app

The new motor kit Advanced for the Fiamma awning F 80 S expands the motor unit that can be retrofitted with app control. The awning can be extended and retracted via smartphone and tablet PC. In addition, the app enables switching on and off as well as dimming of the likewise optional LEDs, which can be retrofitted on the cassette and on the profile of the front. The new Advanced Motor Kit weighs two kilograms and is available in the colors Polar White, Titanium and Deep Black. Fiamma also offers a 100 gram upgrade to the Advanced Kit for the Motor-Kit Plus. The price for the advanced version has not yet been determined, but the standard version costs around 300 euros.

Ten Haaft WiFi router

Oyster Connect is designed to provide a stable internet connection on the field and while driving. For this purpose, the 40 by 12 by 29.2 centimeters (L / H / W) large and 1.5 kilo heavy outdoor unit (all-band antenna with SIM card and integrated dual-band wifi module) is placed on the roof mounted and connected to the indoor unit via data cable. This broadcasts a WiFi network with 2.4 and 5 GHz and has a TV connection. Ten Haaft is also launching smart TVs with Internet browsers. Oyster Connect starts in spring 2021 from 899 euros (without TV set).

Frost-proof batteries from Liontron

With the Arctic-Kit, lithium iron phosphate batteries can be charged and discharged without restrictions at temperatures down to –30 ° C. This is ensured by two heating elements that are automatically controlled by the battery management system (BMS) and are used to keep the cell temperature above freezing point. The Liontron Arctic LiFePO4 (12.8 V, 100 Ah) can be ordered from 1062 euros. The Arctic kit can also be retrofitted to Liontron LX batteries. For this, the BMS must also be replaced. The kit for older LX batteries (before 10/2020) costs from 250 euros, for newer ones from 98 euros. The retrofitting is currently only carried out by Bosswerk GmbH. Further workshops are planned.

Inverter generator from Teleco

With the TIG 6000 B, Teleco has a new, petrol-powered inverter generator in its range. The power generator developed with Yamaha has an output of 5.6 kW and supplies 230 volts alternating current with 2.2 liters of petrol consumption per hour. The generator, measuring 34.5 by 61 by 46.5 centimeters and weighing 75 kilograms, has an electrical start system and operates at 58–63 decibels. In addition, the manufacturer is bringing a new series of sinus inverters with outputs from 400 watts (TI 400 SI) to 3000 watts (TI 3000 SI-ACT). The devices weigh 1.0 to 6.3 kilograms and are equipped with short-circuit and overload protection. A new Bluetooth control panel is available for controlling and managing the Teleco-Extra-Pro lithium-ion batteries, which can be used to read the charge status and to start and deactivate the charging mode. The on / off switch prevents the battery from slowly discharging due to leakage currents if the battery is not used for a long time.

Fuel cells from SFC Energy

SFC Energy presents the new methanol-powered fuel cells Efoy 150 (150 Ah charging capacity per day, from 3999 euros) and Efoy 80 (80 Ah per day, from 2499 euros). Also new: the lithium batteries Li 105 (105 Ah, from 1950 euros) and Li 70 (70 Ah, from 1499 euros). They can be used down to –20 ° C, are equipped with a battery management system and designed for high discharge currents. The fuel cells will be available from November 2020, the lithium batteries from January 2021.

Charge for MAN vehicles from Linnepe

With the Air Lift Maxi MAN TGE, the chassis experts from Ennepetal claim that they are the first outfitter to increase the load on MAN base vehicles to 4400 kilograms. The dual-circuit air suspension system with compressor, eight-inch bellows and cab control panel weighs 15 kilograms. You have to plan five hours and about 500 euros for the installation. Air Lift Maxi MAN TGE costs (without installation) from 1079 euros. The necessary top-up report costs a further 300 euros.

Swiveling bike carrier from Alu-Line

Alu-Line presented the new bike mover. The basic profile of the bike rack is attached to the ball head of the trailer coupling. The bike rack can be moved horizontally on the profile and swiveled 90 degrees. So the rear doors and flaps on the panel van or van should remain freely accessible. The 28.2 kilogram bike mover carries a maximum of 60 kilograms. A third can be ordered in addition to the two standard bicycle rails. This means that up to three bicycles or two e-bikes can be transported. The Alu-Line Bike Mover should be available to order in spring 2021 for less than 1000 euros.


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