promote artisan chela in CDMX

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Ciudad Cervecera is an initiative whose main objective is promote the world of artisan chela as well as independent producers in Mexico.

If we can be sure of something, it is that more and more people are interested in craft beer; both consumers and producers who seek to have a place within this industry.

This project was born from the idea of ​​different independent producers to make a common front of beer SMEs and thus reactivate the economy of this industry that has been affected by COVID-19.

Like any initiative, there is a committee, which is made up of the heads of some artisan houses in Mexico City such as Iván Martínez from Cervecería Reforma, Luis Enrique de la Reguera from Cevecería Cru Cru, Felipe Medina from The Beer Company and representatives of the Irreverente and Lindavista breweries.

The realization of Beer City 2021 It has the support and collaboration of the CDMX Secretariat of Tourism as well as the Secretariat of Economic Development of Mexico City, the Association of Hotels of Mexico City and Expo Cerveza México.

What will be in the first edition of Ciudad Cervecera 2020?

There will be more than 40 independent breweries in CDMX, all of them will participate and create collaborations with restaurants, hotels, chefs, tap rooms, boutiques, musicians, graphic artists, cinemas, festivals and industry suppliers.

They will also offer activations and experiences type pop up; These events will take place under the corresponding sanitary measures as well as the healthy distance that is required in the midst of a pandemic.

Among the experiences you can find tours of the most important breweries in the city, take overs, master classes, dinners, meals, pairings, face-to-face and online tastings, concerts and activities in hotels.

The beer tour is back!

From November 13 the Beer Turibus He resumed his tours of the CDMX. This tour offers routes to various breweries producing and marketing artisan cheve around the periphery.

If you want to launch, we recommend that you purchase your tickets through, and Departures are from Av. Reforma 222 at 6:30 p.m. and are only for adults.

Remember to bring a mask or mask and gel, otherwise you will not be able to take the tour.

Instagram: @cdmxciudadcervecera

Facebook: CDMX Ciudad Cervecera


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