Simeti’s video in New York, nature at the time of Covid

Simeti's video in New York, nature at the time of Covid

Duration: 05:00

What behaviors does nature assume when the human being is confined to his domestic space due to a global pandemic? The investigation of the Palermitan artist Francesco Simeti starts from this question and develops on what is the central theme in his work: the relationship between the human being and nature. Here the result of this research becomes ‘Unrelenting’, a project that is part of the digital initiative of Magazzino Italian Art, ‘Homemade’, which asked some artists to work on the lockdown experience. Simeti’s video work was shown for the first time on November 17 in a two-hour loop, from 5 to 7 pm New York time, on the facade of the General Consulate of Italy on Park Avenue with the aim of presenting in the conditions of questioning how each of us affects the environment. text by Eugenia Nicolosi, video by Angelo Vasta Angelo Vasta


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