The best tips from the professional for applying make-up

The best tips from the professional for applying make-up

International Pro Team Make-up Artist Dior Norman Pohl has in the December 2020 edition of GLAMOR updated the most beautiful and popular make-up classics – or should we say upgrade? Here’s an exclusive look behind the scenes of that Beautyshoot mit Vanellimelli. Plus: He also gave us his best tips!


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Do you want to get to know our model better? In the video, Vanellimelli showed us the last few things on her cell phone and had some surprising answers ready. See for yourself:

1. Make-up classic: the red lip

The update from expert Norman Pohl: “Red lips are the epitome of femininity and seduction. To make this classic modern and suitable for everyday use, simply dab on the red lipstick and stay more in the center of the lips for a soft gradient ”

2. Make-up classic: the curved eyeliner

The update from expert Norman Pohl: “The Winged Liner is a symbol of timeless elegance. I interpret it more in a rock-glam-edgy variant and frame the entire eye without a wing (e.g. with “Diorshow 24h Stylo Golden Nights Collection” in “Sparkling Black” von Dior)”

3. Make-up classic: the dull complexion

The update from expert Norman Pohl: “A Dewy Glow gives every skin a fresh, healthy radiance. The complete opposite of the rather dull, dull complexion ”

4. Make-up classic: the smokey eye

The update from expert Norman Pohl: “I ennoble the sexy smokey eyes with gold (e.g. “5 Couleurs Couture Golden Nights Collection” in “Golden Nights” von Dior). That makes the look softer, more glamorous and sensual. ”

5. Make-up-Klassiker: Der Nude-Look

The update from expert Norman Pohl: “The nude look in only beige-brown tones stands for simplicity and naturalness. I’m staying true to the idea of ​​a natural, plain-colored look. A rosy and peachy nuance, however, make the look livelier, fresher and more radiant – and flatter every skin tone ”

You can see what Norman Pohl’s final make-up looks on Vanellimelli will look like in the December 2020 issue of GLAMOR. Here you can download the booklet to order and subscribe to.


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