The conquests of Zac Efron, before Vanessa Valladares

The conquests of Zac Efron, before Vanessa Valladares

The rumors have not been long in coming, it is believed that Zac Efron is about to propose to his girlfriend Vanessa Valladares. This is not unusual, well 33-year-old actor He has commented more than once that he wants to get married, only that he had not found his better half, which seems to indicate that he already did and you are sure to take the next step.

Zac Efron / Photo: Facebook

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Zac Efron / Photo: Facebook

The reason the media is speculating on the news is because Zac just bought a $ 22 million mansion in Australia and he would not hesitate to move to be close to Vanessa. Also a few days ago, at a party organized by his girlfriend to celebrate her birthday, the Baywatch protagonist handed him a ring made especially for her.

If the news is confirmed, it would be their first engagement and a really stable relationship after Vanessa Hudgens, with whom he had a courtship of five years.

But, to date, with whom has the High School Musical star been romantically linked? We tell you below.

After breaking up with Vanessa in 2010, he remained single but two years later he began dating. Lily CollinsHowever, they only lasted three months, as they declared at the time, it was difficult for them to coincide.

He left behind dating his co-stars and was seen in Ibiza, Spain with Michelle Rodriguez, from Fast and Furious, only close friends knew it would not last because the actress did not show the same enthusiasm as Zac, so two took different directions and the actor’s went to find Sami Miró, a businesswoman who was not used to the public eye however they were able to maintain the relationship for two years.

We cannot doubt that the workplace is an ideal environment to meet your partner, this is applied very well by Efron, since he has been related to Alexandra Daddario, whom he met in the Baywatch production, also with Rebecca Ferguson, star of Greatest Showman, neither confirmed the romance, however the paparazzi managed to capture them on numerous dates.

As of 2019 he was seen with the swimmer Sarah Bro, after two months it was confirmed that they were dating, however a year later the actor was seen with Halston Sage, her former castmate on Neighbors, picking up on the relationship they had in 2014.

But it was this summer that Zac met Vanessa while working as a waitress in a restaurant in Australia, a month later their courtship became official, it can even be said that they are inseparable, since the model has been seen spending a lot of time in the new house of the actor.

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