The Institut Pasteur sues the director

The Institut Pasteur sues the director


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The foundation will file a defamation complaint against Pierre Barnérias, the author of the controversial documentary on Covid-19.

Involved in the documentary full of false information «Hold-up», the Institut Pasteur does not intend to stop there. The foundation announced that it would file a defamation complaint against director Pierre Barnérias, according to “Release”. The Institut Pasteur jumped when it discovered certain sequences of this documentary released on November 11 and widely shared on social networks.

One of them focuses on the origin of Covid-19 and takes up a theory already widely relayed on the web: Sars-Cov2 would have been created in a laboratory, from a modified SARS with a part of the malaria genome. Shortly after the start of the health crisis in Europe, a viral video directly accused the Pasteur Institute of having manufactured the virus. This theory has been repeatedly denied, but it resurfaced in “Hold-up”, in the mouth of an “expert in pharmacology and toxicology”.

“Hold-Up” Gang ad

  • VIDEO - Coronavirus hurts the beer market
    VIDEO – Coronavirus hurts the beer market
    In the 2019/2020 brewing year, the beer market shrank by 2.2%, according to figures from the Swiss Brewery Association. This means that between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020, 34 million fewer beers were consumed. This decrease is explained by the restrictions imposed on social life due to the coronavirus pandemic, such as the cancellation of cultural and sporting events, the closure of restaurants and bars, etc. The flow of beer in coffee shops has fallen by more than 23% over the whole brewing year. Sales in retail, on the other hand, rose 7.6%.


  • VIDEO - Rapid tests to fight coronavirus outbreaks
    VIDEO – Rapid tests to fight coronavirus outbreaks
    During its press conference, the FOPH spoke about rapid tests. Virginie Masserey, head of the infection control section of the OFSP explained that they will be used to fight against outbreaks.


  • VIDEO - Coronavirus - 100 million more for the purchase of vaccines
    VIDEO – Coronavirus – 100 million more for the purchase of vaccines
    The Federal Council is spending 100 million more francs for the purchase of vaccines against Covid-19. The credit will be increased to 400 million francs. The Confederation has already concluded a contract with two manufacturers and plans to conclude more.




“False statements”

Outraged, the foundation decided to take legal action. “The video extract that we see from 1:49 in the documentary” Hold-up “and which quotes the Institut Pasteur has been added to a larger file submitted to justice,” explains the Institut Pasteur to LCI. He continues: “Beyond firmly denying these false assertions and recalling the reality of facts and knowledge, it is also a question of denouncing insults and threats against employees and researchers of the Institut Pasteur and of ‘prevent them from recurring. ”

Last March, the establishment had already lodged a complaint against the Youtubeur Cat Medusa, who accused the Institut Pasteur of being at the origin of the Covid-19. He supported his statements on a patent filed by the foundation in 2004 to research a vaccine against Sars-CoV-1, another type of coronavirus that killed more than 700 people in 2003. The individual was sentenced to one fine of 5,000 euros (5,400 francs) suspended and one euro symbolic damages.


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