the Police may force a new inspection of cars that pollute too much

the Police may force a new inspection of cars that pollute too much

The Madrid City Council has prepared a new Air Quality and Sustainability Ordinance. The standard, more demanding than the current one, includes, among other measures, that the Police can force to pass a new ITV to the cars that pollute the most.

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The new Air Quality Ordinance aims to replace the current one, in force since 1985. Its objective is to reduce pollutant emissions derived from different activities (it prohibits, for example, the use of coal-fired boilers from January 2022). One of them is the road traffic, hence, the new standard seeks to establish a second mandatory ITV for the most polluting vehicles.

Municipal Police Officers and Mobility Agents

As has been presented by the delegate of the Environment and Mobility Area, Borja Carabante, the ordinance includes the obligation for certain vehicles to carry out a punctual review at ITV when the agents of the authority detect high emissions of smoke while circulating through the city.

The Ministry of the Environment of the Madrid City Council confirms that it will be the Municipal Police agents and the Mobility Agents who determine which vehicles are excessively polluting and, consequently, must pass a new technical inspection.

A visual inspection will suffice

The question is: How will agents determine that a car is excessively polluting?

“They will be able to do tests on public roads or not,” they explain from the Madrid City Council. “If a visual inspection is sufficient to appreciate that there is or may be some type of irregularity, the agents may request that the vehicle pass a emissions test within a month, “they continue. And to clarify further doubts, they clarify:” it is the same procedure that is followed to verify that the circulation of a vehicle complies, in general, with the established traffic regulations.

The polluting vehicle may continue to circulate until the test is performed. The ordinance provides a period of one month to pass this new inspection. By taking the test at the ITV you can continue to drive unless the ITV detects a very serious breach that entails the vehicle immobilization.

Fines of up to 1,500 euros

Failure to present a vehicle for inspection within the deadline can be sanctioned as slight lack. This assumes that the driver can face penalties of up to 750 euros; “which does not mean that it will be 750 euros”, qualify sources from the Madrid council consulted. In the event that the vehicle had not been presented for an inspection and was driven, for example, during a declared pollution episode, it would constitute a serious fault with a penalty of up to 1,500 euros.

From when?

One question remains to be asked: when will the new Air Quality Ordinance come into force and, with it, the possibility that the Police send a car to pass an emissions test?

The Air Quality and Sustainability Ordinance (OCAS) is included as a measure within the Environmental Sustainability Strategy Madrid 360 and the process of public information begins now, it will be taken to the Plenary for its final approval in January next year.

The new measures will come into force later, after their approval in plenary session and subsequent publication in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid (BOCAM).


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