“The virus will remain for at least the whole of 2021”


They will come to terms with this pandemic “for at least the whole of 2021. The measures put in place are the only weapons we have to contain it. But they must be applied well and everyone’s collaboration is needed ”. He says this in an interview with Corriere della Sera Giuseppe Ippolito, scientific director of Spallanzani in Rome, as well as a member of the scientific technical committee (Cts).

The objective of the new measures “is simple, to reduce the circulation of the virus” and to make sure that “the health system is able to withstand the pressure of hospitalizations and respond to the need for beds in intensive care. If it is not possible to stabilize the trend of infections, any effort will be useless “. All countries “are moving in this way, securing the health of the health system to guarantee treatment not only for Covid patients”.

We have always tried “to take appropriate, proportionate and sustainable decisions from an economic and social point of view. Could more have been done in hindsight? Possible “but” the current situation is not only in Italy, it is a common scenario. All of Europe is the red zone ”.

Against this virus “testing, tracing, isolation are the only countermeasures but if the number of cases rises above a certain level the tracing system jumps and then aggressive mitigation and containment actions are needed like those we have put in place”. The first vaccines and treatments more effective than the current ones, “especially monoclonal antibodies, could be available between the end of this year and the beginning of next. Then it will be necessary to distribute them and make them accessible to the entire world population. An organizational and logistical task that cannot be accomplished in a few weeks “.


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