This futuristic e-bike costs just $ 2,000

This futuristic e-bike costs just $ 2,000

Reevo E-Bike.

© Beno / Indiegogo
Reevo E-Bike.

The US company Beno is planning an e-bike with Reevo, whose campaign at Indiegogo has already raised over 1.1 million US dollars. The futuristic pedelec comes without a hub or spokes.

Currently apply Startups like Vanmoof or Cowboy as a stylish pioneer of a new e-bike movement. A vehicle from the USA with its unique design could soon challenge them for the leading role. Because the Reevo e-bike developed by the company Beno (Be Innovative) looks a bit like it came from a scifi strip. On Indiegogo Reevo caused a sensation.

Reevo: Early bird price of $ 2,000

Within 15 minutes, the original funding goal of $ 50,000 was reached three times. Currently – three days before the end of the campaign – over $ 1.1 million has been raised from more than 600 investors. Anyone interested in the Reevo currently still pays the so-called early bird price of 1,999 dollars. Later, the Reevo will hit stores for $ 3,349.

Reevo: The developers dispensed with the hub and spokes on the e-bike. (Image: Beno / Indiegogo)

The futuristic design is also due to the fact that the developers do without the hub and spokes on the e-bike. Instead, the tire runs over the rim. In the space normally occupied by spokes, it should even be possible to hang a bag. With a weight of around 25 kilograms, a charging time of three hours and a range of 60 kilometers, the e-bike is more in the middle than right at the front. Important: The battery with 10.5 ampere hours is removable.

On the other hand, the numerous technical extras are particularly exciting. The e-bike offers an integrated anti-theft system with GPS. If the bike is stolen, the owner is informed by SMS and can locate the pedelec. Instead of a bicycle lock, the Reevo should offer an electronic wheel lock and can be unlocked with a fingerprint.

EU mode for e-bike fans from Europe

The front and rear lights are integrated into the wheels, where turning can also be indicated by the indicators. The lights are automatically activated via a sensor when the lighting conditions require. A separate EU version with a 250 instead of 750 watt motor and without so-called thumb throttle should ensure that there is none for Europeans legal problems when driving the pedelec gives.

E-Bike Reevo – unlocked via fingerprint sensor. (Image: Beno / Indiegogo)

The Reevo should be delivered from March 2021. There is currently no final product, just a working demo version. As is common with platforms like Indiegogo or Kickstarter, projects can also fail. In this case the investment would be lost. If you want to take the risk, you can purchase the Reevo for the equivalent of around 1,700 euros plus taxes and shipping.


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