Vanessa Hudgens being triply great

Vanessa Hudgens being triply great

Princess Swap 2 has released its trailer and has made the following clear to us: We love Vanessa Hudgens, her range in terms of comedy is incredible, her accent is everything we didn’t know we wanted to hear, and last but not least, we need to see her wardrobe on this tape NOW!

This movie, which is one of the Netflix Christmas premieres, come back with your second delivery full of comedy and a lot of romance, exactly the same thing that fascinated the first one. The first trailer was just released yesterday and here we tell you what will it be about this new princess story.

What is Princess Swap 2 about?

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Vanessa Hudgens returns in Princess Swap 2.

After the exchange that Stacy DeNovo and Duchess Margaret Delacourt (both played by Vanessa Hudgens) lived a long time ago, in which both ended up in love, Stacy will have to go back into action when she finds out that the royal He has a difficult time with Kevin before his sudden rise to queen of Montenaro. The Chicago pastry chef’s mission now is to act as a dome so that Margaret spend more time with KevinHowever, this will not be so simple, since there is a third dchoppers In this equation: Cousin Lady Fiona Pembroke, whose intentions are not good at all.

In the trailer of Princess Swap 2 finally it is revealed to this third personality who, for a long time, had been talking among fans of Vanessa Hudgens, who claimed that the actress would play a third character in this film. If the duquesa Margaret Has all the style of a classic royal, Lady Fiona is the fierce counterpart, with an irreverent wardrobe that gives us an idea of ​​what a royal would look like turned into a fairytale villain.

When is Princess Swap 2 released?

Princess Swap 2 premieres on the streaming platform on November 19. Nothing is missing to see Vanessa Hudgens again on a tape that is definitely to have a good time.


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