We almost all make these cookie mistakes

We almost all make these cookie mistakes

Christmas baking again! In order for the cookies to turn out well this year, you’d better avoid these things

Do any of these mistakes sound familiar? ISTOCKPHOTO

Do any of these mistakes sound familiar? ISTOCKPHOTO

Unfortunately, especially with new recipes, it happens again and again that the enthusiasm for baking is significantly greater than for eating. You can prevent unfulfilled expectations by not making the following five mistakes.

Ingredients that are too warm or too cold

This classic mistake happens to many Christmas bakers. There is a reason why the recipe calls for butter at room temperature. Because if the temperature is too warm, there is a great risk that your cookies will spread apart in the oven. Take all ingredients that should be room temperature out of the refrigerator about half an hour before you start baking.

No patience when mixing

Always take your time when whisking the ingredients – at least until the butter turns light and a foamy consistency develops. Stopping too early can leave your cookies flat and hard, rather than airy, as desired.

Omit the salt

Salt in a sweet batter may seem strange at first. Experienced bakers know, however: a pinch of salt underlines the sweet elements and makes them more intense. So never forget to add the salt.

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Used too much flour

Be careful, you tend to be too generous with flour. The dough still seems too sticky, then add a good dash of flour and it happens: you have dry, crumbly cookies. To avoid this, do not use too much extra flour when you roll out and cut out and use this ingredient sparingly.

Not preheated and missed the end of baking time

Opinions differ when it comes to preheating, but it is definitely recommended for cookies. This way you can better control the baking time, because the sweet Christmas cookies are burned faster than you think. So always take your time when baking so that you can check the cookies regularly. Please also note that the cookies will harden after they have been removed if you leave them on the hot sheet. So put it directly on a grid to cool down.


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