4 unforgettable ecotourism experiences in Asturias

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Take a deep breath in the heart of preserved forests, take the time to observe protected species in full freedom, touch the beauty of a landscape and its history … Discover Asturias, a natural paradise in the very heart of Spain Green.

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Admire the protected speciesFreely roaming the heart of Asturias forests and rugged mountains, brown bears roam with their cubs – nearly 300 brown bears live in what is their last stronghold in Western Europe – while Iberian wolves play hide and seek -cache… The mountains that line Asturias offer an ideal living environment for a large number of protected animal species, easily observable with patience and above all, discretion. Cetaceans are not left out either: dozens of species of dolphins and whales rub shoulders with turtles in the depths of the Cantabrian Sea. These marine animals offer a striking spectacle when they rise together to the surface of the water.

A country to discover on foot or by bikeA multitude of routes that can be taken on foot or by bicycle cross Asturias. Luxurious in the forest, stripped along the plains and valleys, luminous near the rivers or along the golden beaches, intense in the mountains (some of them such as L’Angliru or the lakes of Covadonga are moreover engraved in the memory of cycling enthusiasts)… They stretch from the top of the mountains to an astonishing path along the 400 km of beaches of the Asturian coast. Step by step, you will be blown away by the variety of skylines offered by the Spanish Autonomous Community, proud of its authentic and unspoiled nature.

Traces of the most distant pastChildren (and adults!) Will be fascinated by the gigantic footprints left by Jurassic dinosaurs along 44 kilometers along the Asturian coast, the best preserved in Spain … Compare your footprints with those of the quadrupedal and bipedal dinosaurs that passed through there over 150 million years ago. La Griega beach (Colunga) and the stones of the towns of Villaviciosa or Ribadesella are full of these traces, which are among the largest in the world. Touching, isn’t it?

Discover the secret heart of the forestWith seven biosphere reserves recognized by UNESCO, the region is home to majestic forests like that of Muniellos, where beeches and hundred-year-old oaks reign supreme. Dream forests but also great giants which alone total several hundred years such as the masterful Bermiego yew, 7 meters in diameter, or the Valentin oak carbayon 10 meters in diameter which stands in the town. by Tineo. The geographical location of Asturias, on the edge of the Cantabrian Sea and close to the Mediterranean region explains the richness of these forests, which are unique in Europe. The abundant vegetation that adjoins these ancestral trees is a real treasure, offering you the purest air possible.


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