Electro-Minibike – Tromox Mino

Electro-Minibike - Tromox Mino

With the Mino, the Chinese supplier Tromox is bringing an electrically powered mini bike. It should also be available in Europe from spring 2021.

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The only 1.5 meter long Tromox Mino competes in the style of a Honda MSX 125. The Mino was and is developed and manufactured in China. The design with the small duck bill at the front and the rear end that ends with the bench comes from an Italian pen. The bulbous middle section, which houses the motor and battery of the electric drive, is fully wired.

Up to 118 km range

The Tromox Mino is powered by a 1.2 kW (continuous output) and 2.5 kW (peak output) electric motor, which also provides 110 Nm of torque. This means that the Mino, which weighs just 68 kilograms, can accelerate to 60 km / h. The performance can be reduced via the app. A lithium-ion battery holds energy. They are available with capacities of 21, 26, 31 and 38 Ah. With the largest energy storage device, a range of up to 118 kilometers should be possible. For a full recharge of electricity, the Mino with the 26 AH battery hangs on the socket for around 4.5 hours. Alternatively, the battery can be easily removed for charging. Tromox specifies up to 600 charging cycles for the nine kilogram battery until the capacity has dropped to 80%. So by then, almost 71,000 kilometers would be possible – in theory.

The Tromox Mino chassis is based on a tubular steel frame, a USD fork at the front and a directly hinged central spring strut at the rear. The ten-inch wheels are fitted with tires measuring 90/90 at the front and 100/80 at the rear. The Mino is decelerated with disc brakes on both wheels. The obligatory TFT display, which can be networked via Bluetooth, is located in the cockpit.

They want to have secured sales partners for the European market. The Mino is expected to arrive in Europe in spring 2021. Prices have not yet been announced.


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