for love at the time of covid-19 comes a special room …

for love at the time of covid-19 comes a special room ...

Broken families, separated couples, loneliness. Ordinary administration in times of pandemics and restrictions but since, at least sometimes, will is power, there are those who have found a solution for a sketch of physical contact. We are a György Gottsegen National Institute of Cardiology in Budapest, visits to the patients were forbidden due to covid-19 but then someone thought of setting up what was called the “love room”.

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Here family members can meet their sick relatives, look at them through glass, touch them with a special glove.

Ágnes Szilágyi went to visit her husband, the spouses have been married for 40 years, with his hospitalization they were two weeks without seeing each other, then a first contact in the special room, with the doctors convinced that an emotional contact and company help to heal .

The general director of the hospital explains that the news is also an incentive for the patients in intensive care who know that once they have come out of the acute phase, improved after an operation, they will be able to meet family members.


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