Galicia adds 369 infections although healthcare pressure continues to drop

Galicia adds 369 infections although healthcare pressure continues to drop

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Santiago de Compostela, Dec 2 (EFE) .- Galicia has added 369 new coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours, 99 more than the previous day, while healthcare pressure continues to decline.

In this way, the number of people admitted to the conventional ward for covid-19 rose to 364, which is 18 less than yesterday, while in intensive care units the decrease is more modest, with 67 people admitted, two less than on Tuesday, according to the latest updated part of the Galician Health Service.

The number of active infections stands at 7,537, 109 less than yesterday.

The PCRs carried out on the last day analyzed – Tuesday until 6:00 p.m. – were 6,535, two thousand more than the previous day, with a stabilized positivity rate at 5 percent.

With the ten new deaths reported last night, the balance of the coronavirus pandemic in Galicia rises to 1,221 deaths.

The health area of ​​Vigo continues to be the one that supports the highest number of active infections, 1,984, nine less than the previous day, after adding 115 PCR positives in one day, 46 more.

In A Coruña the number of positive cases reaches 1,575, 31 less than on Tuesday, after 52 positive PCR, 16 more.

The least affected area is still Ourense with 436 active cases, thirteen less than the previous day, although the new cases detected in the last hours by PCR rise to 16, six more.

The clinical committee decided yesterday, among other measures, to relax the restrictions in Ourense city and also in Santiago de Compostela, the first cities that will see the measures to try to control and stop the advance of the pandemic eased.

Precisely the Santiago area continues to reduce its volume of active cases, to 834, eleven less, although in the last hours it has registered an increase in positive CRP, 37, 12 more.

In the other three areas, Lugo, Pontevedra and Ferrol, the number of active cases also decreased; In the first two, in addition, there was a decrease in positive CRP compared to the previous day.

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