Georgia’s top election overseer: No systematic fraud

Georgia's top election overseer: No systematic fraud

© Keystone/AP/Brynn Anderson

In the US state of Georgia, contrary to claims by the elected President Donald Trump, there is no evidence of systematic electoral fraud.

“We have never found systematic fraud, not enough to overturn the election,” said the southern state’s chief electoral supervisor, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, on Sunday at ABC. In 250 cases are investigated with the support of Georgia’s criminal investigation department. “But right now we don’t see anything that would overturn the will of the people here in Georgia.”

Raffensperger invalidated Trump’s demands that the signatures of postal voters should be checked. “We always checked signatures, I even stepped up the signature check,” said the State Secretary. Signatures would be checked twice: both in the requests for postal votes and on the envelopes with the ballot papers.

Republican incumbent Trump claims to have been robbed of victory in the presidential election on November 3rd by massive fraud. There is no evidence of this. During a performance in Georgia on Saturday night, he also stated that he had won in the state. In reality he was narrowly defeated by the newly elected President Joe Biden. This was also confirmed by a review of the count.


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