How to celebrate Christmas with the family? Experts give their advice

 How to celebrate Christmas with the family? Experts give their advice

How to celebrate Christmas with the family? Experts give their advice

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How to celebrate Christmas with the family? Experts give their advice

Jean Castex was very clear that Christmas will not be like those of other years. While the maximum number of people who will be able to taste the Christmas log this year is 6, not including children, how to avoid risks?

So no more hugs and hugs when discovering gifts? It is recommended. However, experts have offered their advice for celebrate the end of year holidays as a family without losing sight of barrier gestures. Because yes, Christmas is still a celebration!


The organization will be the focal point of the holidays this year. To do this, nothing could be simpler, you will have to communicate.

“It’s important to understand each other’s positions and to realize that the people in front of you can be anxious”

Explains Emmanuel Rusch, president of the French Society of Public Health to Franceinfo.

Especially since we will have to decide who is coming or who is not. For large families, the dilemma is there, but nothing insurmountable.

Before the reunion

To avoid as much as possible the risk of contagion within the family, the specialists are categorical: limit contacts as much as possible the week before the reunion with relatives. Thus, no dinner with friends or a snack with several. For even more precautions, why not extend this period to 15 days, if you feel like it!

On the other hand, experts advise against antigen testing the day before the reunion. Indeed, even if they are available in pharmacies and without a prescription, they are not as reliable as PCR tests.

“The problem is the false negatives. These tests would have a reliability of 65 to 80%. We must therefore fight against the idea that if we are negative with this antigenic test, we are neither sick nor contagious ”

Details Franck Perez, Director of the Cell Biology and Cancer Unit at the Curie Institute at 20 Minutes.

During the reunion

After placing the gifts at the foot of the tree, the key word will be: respect for barrier gestures. Thus, we do not skimp on wearing the mask until it is time to sit down to the table, we space the guests as much as possible and we think about the small details which will make all the difference:

“This year, as an aperitif, we put spikes on the toast to avoid catching them in the hand, we do not pass the dish, but we decide that one person will serve everyone.”

Explains Didier Pelletier, hygienist professor at Nantes University Hospital.

And like the virus is transmitted through the air but also on surfaces, we continue to wash our hands regularly and ventilate the living rooms.

Invent new traditions

This year, it’s time to innovate. No longer the right to kiss? Well we send kisses through the mask.

For those who will not be able to celebrate Christmas with their entire family why not take the video aperitifs again to make them video conferencing gift unboxing ? Smart and in line with respect for physical distancing!

In England, some people have even decided to celebrate Christmas… outside! A wise choice unless you are cautious!

And for the New Year?

“Everyone is talking about the risk of a resumption of the epidemic at Christmas. The risk is real, but I think the families will still be careful. On the other hand, I am much more worried and less optimistic for the evening of December 31st. And I don’t hear many people about it… ”

Warned Doctor Jimmy Mohammed on Twitter.

It should therefore be noted that Christmas will have to be regulated just like New Year’s Day.


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