Independiente’s curiosity visiting River …

Independiente's curiosity visiting River ...

Silvio Romero is recovering.

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Silvio Romero is recovering.

Independiente today is thinking about the Sudamericana, in Thursday’s game from 7.15pm against Lanús for the quarterfinals. And look askance at the League, another way to win a title and qualify for Libertadores 2021.

In the League draw, he had a tremendous group, with Boca, River, Huracán, Colón and Arsenal. And there is a curiosity: he will play three games at the Libertadores de América stadium beyond not having started first in the group. Why? Because the Millo rents the court to him due to the works in the Monumental.

In this way, Independiente’s path will be like this, closing against River as a visitor but at home: visit to Hurricane, receive Boca, visit to Argentines, receives Arsenal and then Gallardo’s team, obviously next year.


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