Like a Hollywood diva! An old photo inspires the fans

 Like a Hollywood diva! An old photo inspires the fans

A professional dancer three times in a row Ekaterina Leonova (33) at “Let’s Dance“Secure first place. Most recently, in 2019, she and her dance partner Pascal Hens (40) prevailed against the competition and won the RTL dance show. She also danced together in the professional challenge last year Massimo Sinató (39) to the top of the pairs.

“Let's Dance” star Ekaterina Leonova: like a Hollywood diva! An old photo inspires the fans

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“Let’s Dance” star Ekaterina Leonova: like a Hollywood diva! An old photo inspires the fans

See a stunning bikini photo of Ekaterina in the video above! A fan said: “Goddess!”

After that it was quiet about the native Russian: For this year her participation in “Let’s Dance” was canceled. But that didn’t detract from her good mood, like their happy photos show on Instagram. In addition, at the moment she finally has enough time to rummage through old photos, as the dancer explains on Instagram. The result was a real photo surprise that shows the beautiful Ekaterina as an elegant diva – like in a Hollywood classic!

“Let’s Dance” star Ekaterina Leonova: “What a Christmas woman”: With this photo she inspires the fans



“Let’s Dance” star Ekaterina Leonova as “Christmas woman”: With this photo she inspires the fans.

“Let’s Dance” star Ekaterina Leonova: Breathtaking bikini photo! Fan: “Goddess”



Professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova reminisces

Ekaterina Leonova apparently no longer wanted to withhold this successful professional recording from her followers and posted it on her Instagram account. She wrote: “Since I am currently spending so much time at home, I have started sorting out my old photos.” And there are thousands of them, explained the 33-year-old. A huge amount of “happy memories” that the dancer would like to share with her fans.

“Let’s Dance” star is glamorous

In the photo, the former “Let’s Dance” star is wearing a figure-hugging black dress and looks up in a playful boredom. Ekaterina Leonova holds the wide brim of the sun hat with one hand, the other has the dress slightly gathered up the thigh. She also wears heavy earrings and glamorous make-up. It is as if the professional dancer has jumped straight out of a scene ready for a film.

RTL star Leonova shows a photo from the first shoot in Germany

“This is a photo from my first photo shoot in Germany,” said the 33-year-old. However, she does not write when exactly that was. But it must have been a few years ago, because the photo apparently lets her indulge in memories from far back: “How quickly time flies. It’s amazing,” said Ekaterina when looking at the picture.

Ekaterina Leonova was born in Volgograd, Russia. She has been dancing since she was ten. At the age of 21, the trained dance teacher was elected “Miss Volgograd” and moved to Germany in 2008. Then she began studying business administration in Cologne. In 2013 Ekaterina took part in the RTL show “Let’s Dance” for the first time. After a few less successful years, she was able to join the singer in 2017 Gil Ofarim (38) get first place. In 2018, she won together with a comedian Ingolf Lück (62) and in 2019 she took first place again with the former national handball player Pascal Hens.

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