“Not a bullet enters us”



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Behind the tie at 16 against Australia At the closing of the Tri Nations Rugby, Los Pumas captain Jerónimo De La Fuente, replacing Pablo Matera, spoke about how these difficult days were for Los Pumas, the object of criticism from Argentina for not paying homage to Maradona and discriminating tweets that generated scandal:

Criticism of Los Pumas: internal repercussions in the group

I don’t want to talk about the week, I stay with the team, with how we feel about the team. People who really love us are encouraging us and that is what we value. We would have liked to win to close this tour, which was one of the best that I had to experience. We are not going to get a bullet, we are very self-critical, but we know how to correct mistakes. It is the Argentina we want: that we all support the national team. I hope we have a united country “

The captain’s analysis of 16-16 against Australia:

“In defense tWe had to put the body and shoulder and reappeared. Many guys made their debut and we are happy with what we are doing. This must be the floor of the Pumas“.

Mario Ledesma, coach of Los Pumas:

Analysis of the draw against Wallabies:

“Just as the first game we could have taken and it would have been unfair, today it would have been fair.”

The arbitration, once again controversial:

The number of penalties on one side and the other is striking, especially considering that it was an Australian referee body. There are decisions that were not for our side that I thought were thus. It would have hurt a lot if we lost this game. I think we didn’t deserve to lose. We had prepared a lot of things in the week, we wanted to play more. I told Bauti (Delguy) in the week that he owed me a try, and he gave it to me. There were moments that lacked calm, that we did not use the foot well. But the common denominator of this team is defense. He felt very comfortable against teams that attack very well. ”

Balance of the tour of Australia:

“When we got together with the Europeans four weeks ago it was difficult to face all the pieces and then we emphasized the defense, which we knew was going to put us in the game. Today we were prepared to play a better game, but the conditions did not help.”

Los Pumas week amid criticism:

“It was a very, very difficult week. From Sunday until now there was an emotional roller coaster. The best of all is that the group felt very close and this closed it more and more. I told you the other day that we had a Wednesday night that the players gave very nice things to the staff. Pablo (Matera) spoke very well, Nico Sánchez, the whole tour was tremendous. All the things he said were purposeful, they had to do with the team. To the smallest detail he was super attentive, the guy who was wrong, pick him up. When you have leaders like this, the rest of the team walks. Cubo (Cubelli), Guido (Petti), Juli (Montoya) … I take my hat off for the leaders“.

The errors of Argentine rugby in values, according to Ledesma:

“We too were wrong. We try to do things right, what happens is that we talk about values ​​all the time, so when you’re wrong you fall a little harder. We are trying to improve the things that are done wrong in the clubs, in the national team. We have apologized very much, sometimes without justification. What is great is that it is impressive how the boys were recharging their batteries this week. We talk all the time about nourishing ourselves with energy and never more than this week. ”

Young talent, valued by Ledesma:

“You can see the ones that came in today, but we have a lot of very talented guys. The boys who were out of the 23 trained more, so that despite not playing they would continue to progress. They are all products of Argentine rugby, of clubs, of academies. It makes me very happy that it is visible here. ”

Los Pumas’ progress in the Tri Nations:

“We have to get used to playing with whatever. It was an atypical week, we had just a day and a half to get the plays. It was tough because we were facing Australia and what happened in the week. We decided to give everything from the first minute, from that August 7, when we left our homes. This is how we did it in each training session and game; It meant giving everything and it was our driving force. ”


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