Pfizer vaccine: Aifa ok in Italy. Hope: “We have an extra weapon”

 Pfizer vaccine: Aifa ok in Italy. Hope:

“Announcement that the Pfizer vaccine has been approved and authorized to be placed on the market for the entire population over 16 and has no absolute contraindications.” This was stated by the director general of the Italian Medicines Agency, Nicola Magrini, during a press conference, during which he also added that the antidote “will be refundable free of charge for all”.

“Europe”, added Magrini, “on the approval of the Pfizer vaccine, has accelerated with great readiness for having done in a few hours what is done in weeks”. Even the president of the Agency, Giorgio Palù, said that “today” must be “celebrated as an exceptional day, like Vaccine day” scheduled for December 27th. “Never before have various vaccines been made as this time and today we already have one available that is 95% valid”. Aifa also underlined that the vaccine, in the coming months, will not be administered by appointment, but on call and that it can also be received during pregnancy or during the breastfeeding period.

“The mRna platform is easily modulated and, should the virus evolve in such a way as to overcome the immune defenses, it has an advantage over traditional platforms with live or killed viruses or based on recombinant proteins” explained Palù, speaking of the variant English. “It is in fact a platform that allows it to be modulated and will form the basis for future vaccines, not only in the infectious field, but also against cancer”.

“The second dose of the vaccine is given 3 weeks after the first and the immune response of the first dose is already visible from the sixth or seventh day. In the rare hypothesis that we become infected in this short period of time, it would probably be in a milder form “. In any case, active pharmacovigilance programs will be arranged with patient recall and text messages in the course of 2021 with analysis capacity at 3, 6 and 9 months to understand the immune response in the Italian population.

Vaccination against Covid-19 in Italy “will start on Sunday with a limited group of health workers. Then all health workers, about one million, will be vaccinated in January. So the people in the RSA, for a similar volume of population. Subsequently, the populations at risk, the elderly or individuals with specific pathologies “.

Aifa then denied the opposition to the development of monoclonal antibodies, “in the coming days we will certainly evaluate if there is an opportunity to carry out an experiment that is able to confirm the data already produced in the scientific literature”. Aifa, therefore, underlined the general manager, Nicola Magrini, on monoclonal antibodies “has always been open” and “the fact that it would have refused access to Italy is not true.”


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