“The first weeks after the separation were not easy”


For their fans “Let’s Dance“-Star Ekaterina Leonova (33) come up with something very special for the run-up to Christmas. Every day Ekaterina shares previously unseen photos of herself on Instagram and tells something about her past. With the current pictures from Ekat it got very personal. Because for the first time the dancer spoke about her first love and the heartache that came with it.

“Let's Dance” star Ekaterina Leonova: “The first weeks after the breakup were not easy”

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“Let’s Dance” star Ekaterina Leonova: “The first weeks after the breakup were not easy”

Recently Ekaterina gave a particularly cute glimpse into her childhood. In the video below you can see her as a little girl – with a cute smile and XL bows in her hair.

Ekaterina Leonova became the heart Broken

Ekaterina Leonova: huge bows in her hair & cute smile: she shares a child’s photo



Their Ex boyfriend got to know Ekaterina at the university in Volgograd. “We ran crossed our path and the eyes stopped, “reports the dancer. But the young happiness was not permanent. Her boyfriend at the time wanted to spend more time with her, what Ekat because of the dance training simple was not possible. Her boyfriend then split up. But that’s not all! Because her dance partner at the time was annoyed by her first love, as the “Let’s Dance” star reports. He then secretly began to train with another dance partner and finally separated from him too Ekat. A tough one-two punch!

“Let’s Dance” star Ekaterina Leonova: “Sometimes it hurts so much”



“The first few weeks after the separation (from my love and from my dance partner) were not easy,” admits the 33-year-old. “I kept thinking about what I was doing wrong. I got the attention of the other guys (…) but I only wanted to see one. “

Because of heartache, the “Let’s Dance” star went after Germany

But as the saying goes, everything happens for a reason. As fate would have it, it was precisely at this time that Ekaterina’s phone rang. Paul Lorenz was on the line – Ekaterinas later Dance partner – who invited her to Germany for trial training. An offer, the you due to the circumstances only too gladly accepted. The training was a complete success and Ekaterina decided to move to Germany to dance with Paul.

“Of course I was aware that I would then have to move abroad. But at that very moment, I actually loved it.” So all the heartache was the basis for Ekaterina’s move to Cologne and her subsequent “Let’s Dance” career! If you look at it that way, the story definitely has a happy ending.

With the move from Volgograd to Germany, however, Ekat had to leave her family behind. It wasn’t easy for the dancer. Her family still lives in Volgograd today. She keeps making clear how much she misses her parents. Like in the video below, where she also shows us her beloved mom.

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