This cream that obsessed millennials became a cult product

This cream that obsessed millennials became a cult product

Some years ago we heard of a makeup line dedicated to millennials. Let’s face it, from the stereotypes that derive from the definition of this word to the concern that the discovery of specialized makeup for ourselves and foreigners produced us, we were waiting for what Dolce & Gabbana had to offer and what it had specifically dedicated to a generation.

Millennialskin opened the doors to Dolce & Gabbana of targeting millennials directly (in terms of beauty), which caused a stir in social networks and today, in the middle of 2020, we can define it as a cult product that set a trend by catching a generation that boasts nonconformist, becoming one of the products that must have ‘if you are between 20 and 30 years old.

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Millennialskin de Dolce & Gabbana

What is this product for?

Millennialskin On The Glow is the proposal of the Italian firm in cream form to obtain a luminous and smooth complexion in three simple steps. This tinted cream hydrates, brightens and leaves a flawless complexion with a luminous coverage, which besides everything, protects you from the sun and can be mixed with a makeup base.

Which ones are your ingredientes?

It has a formula oil free with SPF 30 and with particles of luminous powders and microspheres of polymers to smooth the skin. It has 10 shades to give you a fresh and natural finish with up to 8 hours of total hydration and high-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Why do they say that this cream is for millennials?

This cream was made for the millennial generation.

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This cream was made for the millennial generation.

Without a doubt, the success of this cream proves that it is not only para millennials. But nevertheless, Dolce & Gabbana raises it like this by him Lifestyle dynamic and never static that the not so young generation carries. Propose a product that replaces moisturizing cream, sunscreen and makeup base and helps prevent blemishes, to make a all in one that makes your life easier with a simple application and also makes you look like a radiant and natural skin.


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