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This mascara sells almost every 7 seconds

This mascara sells almost every 7 seconds

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If a manufacturer claims that their product is “Better than Sex”, then it has to be something very special. Too Faced’s mascara wants to keep this promise and has apparently already won over countless customers. “Shape.com” reports that, according to the manufacturer, the mascara sells every 7.4 seconds. You can even shop the waterproof version of Too Faced’s mascara at Douglas here:

Too Faced Mascara 1 Stück Mascara 1.0 st

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Too Faced Mascara 1 Stück Mascara 1.0 st

Great volume thanks to the “Better than Sex” mascara

It is the volume with which Too Faced convinces customers of their mascara. The brush is shaped like an hourglass. This guarantees that the mascara will reach even the finest of your lashes. The result: full lashes and maximum length. But it is not just this effect that convinces women worldwide of the “Better than Sex” mascara. The application also cares for your sensitive eyelashes. Collagen and extracts from Senegal acacia are responsible for this. After application, the mascara can easily disappear in the cosmetics cabinet, because extra long hold is guaranteed without smearing. If you want to spend the evening in a hot club and swing the dance floor, you should still stow the mascara in your handbag just in case.

Three layers for a dramatic look with the “Better than Sex” mascara

The manufacturer recommends three layers in order to create the maximum drama look. The first layer is applied from the roots to the tip of your lashes. The second layer follows by applying the lashes from above and below. Finally, roll the brush again from the roots to the tips of the lashes. Then the eyelashes are pushed back a little at the tips in order to achieve the maximum volume-enhancing, lengthening and curl-fixing effect. If you, too, want to style yourself into a drama queen with a “Better than Sex” mascara, you should hurry up. At the moment you only get the waterproof version of the top seller, which is particularly smudge-proof!

Enthusiastic reviews from customers

Customers who bought the product at “douglas.de” are absolutely delighted with the mascara. One writes “The best mascara” and adds: “I have been using this mascara for three years now and can only recommend it. It makes super beautiful, thick and voluminous lashes. With me, it lasts all day long, does not clump and smear neither.” The customer also has a hot tip for the perfect application: “I put my eyelashes in about two or three times, wait a moment and then put them in again for a great finish.” Another user can’t get out of the raptures and writes: “Absolute darling. If I have to rely on a mascara, then it is this one. No prints after a long day, eyelashes look great, lots of volume and jet black. Quite great love.” Another customer praised the ease of use: “Makes great eyelashes. I manage the application well and I am happy to recommend this mascara.” Another user recommends using the mascara with an eyelash curler for an even better effect. Another customer receives regular compliments when she uses the mascara: “The mascara holds, what they promises! I have beautiful, long, very thick eyelashes. Correspondingly good for the price. Other people are already asking me, whether these are really my eyelashes (…). I llove this mascara and Would buy them again and again. “The user applies up to six layers and is happy that her eyelashes are still not sticking together.

The right appearance with mascara

In order for your mascara to make a really big impression, you should combine it skillfully with your clothes. The black “Better than Sex” mascara, can be worn with black clothing, for example. The contrast between black mascara and snow-white clothing is also appealing. However, if you choose this combination, you should be very sure that your mascara is completely dry before you get dressed. Otherwise, you risk black spots on your bright outfit.

Casual sports clothes are less ideal for mascara. The mascara actually wants to make you a diva and you should take that into account when choosing your clothes.

For XXL eyelashes: Are you missing the top seller in your beauty collection?

Do you once for die “Better Than Sex”-Mascara von Too Faced decided, you won’t want to miss it anymore. It conjures up voluminous lashes, great length and maximum curl in no time at all. It also lasts a long time, so you don’t have to stand in front of the mirror every hour to put on make-up. The ingenious brush ensures that the nourishing mascara is optimally distributed. Annoying spider legs are a thing of the past. The price is comparatively cheap, so everything speaks in favor of putting this ingenious mascara in the cosmetics cabinet.

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