This nail trend is inspired by the 2021 Chinese calendar

This nail trend is inspired by the 2021 Chinese calendar

Christmas parties are the perfect excuse to wear a manicure different than usual; if you usually wear them classic and in solid colors, now is when venturing is 100 percent allowed (actually, always, but now more). You probably already chose your design for the Christmas, but the options to receive the New Year.

Although it would be very easy to choose the color palette of the parties December – red, green, white and gold – is also cool get out of the ordinary and follow the Haute Couture Nail Trends; especially since it has been an atypical year in its entirety. We can even find inspiration in the most unexpected places, like the oriental calendar, why not?

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It’s time to start thinking about your nail design to ring in the New Year.

According to Chinese calendar, 2021 is the year of the ox and it promises to be fruitful and full of joy and power. Professionals will have their financial rewards for their work and skills. Family will play an important role in people’s lives; and all those single will marry, while the married will welcome a new member of the family.

What are White Metal Ox nails?

And as a reflection of this, the manicure was born White Metal Ox (translated into Spanish as white metal ox), a manicure trend around the white color, the Kylie Jenner’s favorite color for her nails, and touches decorative metallic or in the entire a. In itself, the color white is universal; Not only because it is very combinable, but it also looks very elegant on nails of any length and shape.

The incredible thing about this trend is that you can use any shade or shade of white. You can choose it in a pearly, solid tone, or even combine trends such as Oat Milk Nails. Other of the shades that are part of the manicure White Metal Ox are the metallic colors; From the first layer the nail is completely covered and it is very easy to combine with your outfits.

If you don’t like metallic colors all over the nail, you can opt for different decorative details that will highlight your manicure. Pieces of foil or rhinestones in silver and sparkles, stars and strokes, the sky is your limit. You can let your imagination fly and do any design for your nails in this color. You can put them on a color nude, white, or combine them with bright colors.

You could even merge the trend Mini French with White Metal Ox, where your nail will be in color nude or completely natural, except for a clear varnish as a base, and the metallic lines in silver, gold, shiny or metallic red tones. Remember that for the Mini French the lines do not necessarily have to be straight, you can play with the lines too.

The manicure options for New Year They are endless, but if you want to be fashionable, choose White Ox Metal as the trend to follow to welcome the year 2021; daring to explore different styles that are adapted to what you like the most and with what you feel most comfortable with.


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