3 (short) haircuts that are perfect on round faces

3 (short) haircuts that are perfect on round faces

Is it true that there is haircuts for round faces? The truth is that it could be a subject where the saying ‘taste breaks into genres’ applies very well, rather it is about feeling comfortable with the style of hair we wear and, although currently body positive It is found to all that it gives, it is also human to have certain complexes regarding some parts of our faces or bodies.

That is why Google searches regarding haircuts for round faces It is extremely popular and it is clear that it is valid to undertake a deep exploration regarding what type of cut we can do better if we have this face shape. A stylist tip: ‘When there is something we don’t like about our face, we are going to do something distracting. We have to define what is our biggest complex to define our style ‘, explains for Vogue México Gadiel Garro, founder of the Costa Rican beauty salon, GaGa Beauty.

Thus, with the premise of distracting attention from a cut that hides the roundness of the face, we find three hairstyles in short version that are perfect to achieve this task.

Short Haircut Ideas for Round Faces

Bob con courtain bangs

© Jonathan Daniel Pryce.
Curtain fringes distract from the round face.

The courtain bangs They are one more of Garro’s recommendations. The expert declares himself a fan of the curtain fringe and when the cheeks are wide, always suggest to wear something close to the. He takes as an example Asian women who tend to have this physiognomy. So, if you want to take the short mane, you can apply this type of fringe with a youthful aesthetic and even a little naive in a chin-length bob, the combo will be foolproof.

straight cut

The bob haircut with thick ends is characterized by its slightly voluminous ends, so that its fall is a little heavier, achieving a very chic effect on your hair. Look great if you have wavy hair.

© Edward Berthelot
He Bob haircut with bushy tips is characterized by its slightly bulky tips, so that its fall is a little heavier, achieving a very chic in your mane. Looks great if you have the wavy hair.

He bob straight or blunt not only in trend, also it’s a versatile cutl because it is very difficult for it to look bad on any type of face, because it frames it perfectly and, if it is worn straight, it looks very elegant and tends to stylize the features. But this does not mean that it discriminates against curly hair, as it usually looks very jovial.

On the other hand, you also have to keep in mind that the straight cut that ends at the chin, or if you wish, a little lower, it is carried to the sides of the face, covers the cheeks and thus counteracts the roundness.

Bob angulado

The angled bob helps disguise the roundness thanks to its asymmetrical front drop.

© Michael Bezjian
The angled bob helps disguise the roundness thanks to its asymmetrical front drop.

There are two ways to wear a bob anguladoHighly dramatic like Victoria Beckham did a few years ago, or stylized like Kim Kardashian, where it falls discreetly from short to long, it all depends on your personal taste. East haircut It is characterized by being shorter in the posterior area and falling into diagonal line towards the face, so it has that perfect distraction to disguise the round shape.

One last recommendation …

Remember that when it comes to personal taste, nothing is written. That is to say, if you have a round face and you feel fabulous with a pixie – in the purest style of muses like Audrey Hepburn – just wear it! Even an expert like Gadiel Garro admits that this is the key to having a good hair style: ‘When we learn to see that we are pretty just the way we are, whatever we want to do to ourselves, it will look good on us’.


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