6 tips for making money with your wardrobe

6 tips for making money with your wardrobe

6 tips for making money with your wardrobe

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6 tips for making money with your wardrobe

Sorting through your belongings is good. But now that everything is in order, what to do with all those clothes you no longer want? We give you some leads.

You’re done with your fashion detox and sorting in your cupboard ? Now tackle the extra stuff that you no longer want to see lying around at home, that can make someone else happy and even earn you a few euros! High waist jeans, puffy jacket view and review, midi skirt worn too often, shoes with too high heels : even if they no longer appeal to you, even if they ultimately do not suit you, they can still appeal to many others.



Make money with your wardrobe: where and how to resell?

1. Register for a storage room. This kind of event attracts many “fashionistas” who know the value of brands and the quality of clothes. Result: we sell more than on any neighborhood garage sale. Association Wild Violet regularly organizes giants in Paris and in some provincial towns. For the next meetings, remember to visit their site: www.violettesauvage.fr. A piece of clothing that sleeps in the back of the closet is sometimes a real treasure for someone else.

2. Using the Internet. If we have branded pieces, we create a profile on Vestiaire Collective. We also think of the solution Vinted or that of Videdressing for all fast-fashion brands and trendy accessories which we sometimes get tired of too quickly. For children’s clothing, we try the site percentil.fr.

3. Use social networks. We copy the technique of fashion bloggers and we share our “vide-dressing room” with our community of friends on Instagram. We love the idea of see our “old” clothes give themselves a second life on the backs of our friends 2.0.

Earn money with your wardrobe: where to give?

1. The best: associations such as Emmaüs. They promote re-employment and allow poor people to dress inexpensively. It also works with all neighborhood recycling centers. Find more information on the procedure to follow by consulting their website.

2. We think about recycling

The idea? Return to stores against vouchers. Awareness of overconsumption, more and more brands are advocating recycling. Some, such as Bonobo for example, encourage customers to return their used clothes for discount coupons to be used in their stores. At H&M, it has even become a real loyalty program since the end of the 2010s!

3. Start bartering

The principle is that of the circular economy. We empty our cupboards, we meet together and we exchange. It is practiced on the internet (www.trocvestiaire.com) or in real life by signing up for a barter party. The advantage? We try, we laugh, we do good deals and, on top of that, we are really sure to exchange clothes of the same value.

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