a new supermarket chain arrives in Argentina

a new supermarket chain arrives in Argentina

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He Group Cencosud, owner of Disco and Jumbo, announced arrival at Argentina of a new chain of supermarkets, Spid 35. In a first stage, the business will be totally digital, but in the future it will also have physical stores.It is aimed at a young audience.

It is a format that does not exist in the region, aimed at the public between 18 and 30 years, with an assortment of 1600 products and a delivery service in less than 35 minutes, “Matías Videla, number one of Cencosud at the regional level, commented to the newspaper La Nación.

Chile seeks to limit dividends after controversy at Cencosud

According to the transcendent, the new project will be launched regionally and will be available in: Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina. It is part of the group’s investment plan and is He estimates that some US $ 160 million will be invested in the country in the next three years.

“We will mainly offer food, drinks, basic household categories, snacks, sweets, frozen meals“, among others, the executive mentioned, adding that” it will also have solutions for babies, such as diapers, “Videla explained.

An Argentine is the new general manager of Cencosud

It should be remembered that Cencosud SA (Centros Comerciales Sudamericanos SA) is a Chilean multinational business consortium that operates in various countries of South America, mainly in the retail sector.

In 1982, it opened its first Jumbo hypermarket in Buenos Aires, located in the Parque Brown area, with an approximate surface area of ​​7000 m². Due to its success, that same year it entered the business of shopping centers by opening “Jumbo Centro Comercial”, in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires. In 1993 they opened Unicenter Shopping.


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