Blue Grotto of Mel near Bellino: route and visit

Blue Grotto of Mel near Bellino: route and visit

One of the most evocative natural beauties in the surroundings of Belluno is the Blue Grotto of Mel, which is reached by walking along a path easy and suitable for everyone. An unmissable destination during the summer holidays in Veneto, to relax and be enchanted by the beauty of nature.

Blue Grotto Mel path

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Blue Grotto Mel path

Blue Grotto of Mel: the route

A hidden corner, with bright colors and perfect harmony with nature. This is the Blue Grotto of Mel, located inupper Veneto, at the gates of Belluno.

To reach this wonder you have to take a path along the Rui stream.

The cave looks like a small cavity in the rock, into which the water coming from the source falls, giving life to the river and splendid emerald-colored water basins.

A treasure hunt immersed in nature, but rewarding at the end of the journey with a spectacular view. But the adventure starts by taking the first steps of the path.

The path lasts about twenty minutes and starts from Zumelle castle.


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The path

From the parking lot of the castle of Zumelle the pathway, introduced by a sign with images of the cave.

Along the way there is no shortage of road signs that correct the route and allow you to go without fail.

The route begins with a series of earth and wood steps carved into the ridge of the hill. From here continue passing in the shade of the trees to get to a point where there will be 4 steps also obtained on the ground.

Here we will have to keep to the left and start the second part of the path, that one along the Rui stream and which will lead to the final goal.

Having to reach the source of the stream, once you have reached the watercourse it will be sufficient to follow it in the opposite direction to the direction of the water.

Arrived almost at the goal, you will pass on the left side of the stream, to climb along the path with the help of strong roots. From here you can admire the spectacle of the Blue Grotto and the crystal clear waters.

Two waterfalls feed the water basin, producing that relaxing sound of copious falling water. But the path has not come to an end.

In fact, after admiring the view, you can continue along the source following the waterfall on the left. Here you will find a stretched trunk where you can take the classic ritual photo but also the real point of the Blue Grotto.

Useful information

For several years, a Bathing prohibition due to the excessive number of tourists who populate the cave every year.

Very important, then, during the journey, is to do beware of slippery rocks along the stream.

Therefore, you must wear trekking shoes, avoiding the smooth sole, and help yourself by holding hands or clinging to the most solid branches.


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