Candidates for the RTVE Council mark the red line of outsourcing

Candidates for the RTVE Council mark the red line of outsourcing

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Madrid, Jan 14 (EFE) .- The majority of the seven candidates to form part of the Board of Directors and the presidency of RTVE, who have appeared this Thursday in the Congress of Deputies, have been favorable to optimizing resources and have called attention to a possible abuse of outsourcing.

The editor of Canal 24 Horas de TVE María Eizaguirre, named by Rosa María Mateo in August 2018, was the first to warn about this situation and then other applicants such as the former head of public service programs of Telemadrid Agustín García Matilla , or the TVE journalist for 30 years and current director of the Emprende program, Juan Manuel Romero.

The former director of TVE Eladio Jareño; the director of Rádio 4 of RNE and former correspondent, Vicenç Sanclemente; Carmen Sastre, with various responsibilities for more than 40 years at TVE, and the former managing director of the entity Juán Jesús Buhigas.

– Eizaguirre has delved into the limits of outsourcing established by law and has warned that “there is a red line that right now the sole administrator, Rosa María Mateo, has decided to skip outsourcing information.” And in RTVE, in his opinion, there are professionals prepared “more than enough” to carry out this work and it will be necessary to outsource when necessary.

It has opted for an RTVE “plural, independent, truthful, honest and with a gender perspective”, which leaves “its comfort zone” to find new formats and regain the 17% of audience it has lost in the last two years.

– For Agustín García, outsourcing that can be resolved by a staff of 6,500 workers cannot be justified either.

That is why he has bet on the ‘updating’ of the workers and on normalizing the situation of the interim.

– Juan Manuel Romero has said that he is “absolutely against” outsourcing, unless it is necessary and has been in favor of promoting the professional career of the staff and opposed to hiring “friendly producers, simply because they are friends of someone” .

Romero has proposed a mixed financing, which allows at least one minute of advertising per hour and also other sponsorships.

– Eladio Jareño has advocated for the maximum use of own resources because what can be done at home should not be done outside – “no one can be unemployed,” he said.

However, he has relied on mixed production in some cases “because not everything can be done” and on co-productions. It has opted for new assumptions to generate income, for an annual investment plan and for rejuvenating a workforce whose average age is 54 years and in eight years more than a third can retire early.

– Sanclemente believes that outsourcing “has to be the resource, if there is no other remedy”, but neither should it be “demonized if it means taking advantage of the added value of some production companies’ products.”

The former correspondent believes that it is necessary to reorganize the news, that the regional centers are production centers, develop an international development plan, and create a teaching center with lines of research.

– Carmen Sastre, who has regretted the loss of audience and because TVE has ceased to be a reference even with the storm, as she has said, has advocated because most of the work is done from inside the house and that it is only needed ” to the outsiders “when it is essential.

To do this, it is necessary to optimize resources and put “the most prepared” in front. “The best thing about RTVE are the workers,” said Sastre, who has delved into the need for a State pact that allows defining stable financing, which, according to his criteria, should include an advertising fee.

– Juan Jesús Buhigas has spoken of “abuse of outsourcing” and has felt that his own production “is dead” in many facets, as in fiction.

Buhigas has wondered how it can be that a staff is not under 30 years old, almost 40, with new technologies. “That is infumable. It must be rejuvenated and trained and trained,” he emphasized.

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