Dark circles are considered a makeup trend on TikTok

Dark circles are considered a makeup trend on TikTok

For decades we have hidden eye bags with foundations, concealers or with a wide range of makeup to lessen the passing of the years. Now, a generation willing to disrupt thoughts arrives to promote a beauty trend that we did not expect to meet her in the swipe up from the cell phone; and that reminds us of a young Kate Moss in the 90’s, when her dark circles wore naturally without fear of what they will say.

What is the trend to reaffirm dark circles with makeup?

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In TikTok there is a retouch to settle dark circles and turn them into a trend.

Yeah if you ever looked for the type of dark circles you had to avoid them, let us tell you to forget about that plan, it is no longer necessary thanks to TikTok. The followers of this social network have designed a retouch that seeks to mark the eye bags with a dark concealer, mostly brown, then mark two lines below the tear duct and blend with your fingers; simulating natural dark circles. Although, detractors of the make up They have not been waiting, this technique Consider accepting our insecurities and bearing them with pride.

Why follow Danielle Marcan on TikTok?

Danielle Marcan is the beauty content creator What did viral the challenge in TikTok of how to fake the eye bags without losing style. With close to a million followers, the British da tricks on how to erase dark circles or until achieving a less dramatic effect on your face with a brown shadow, and small touches with the fingers under the tear duct. The result: some eye bags worth photographing, according to Gen Z.

To fake dark circles, you only need a concealer and blend it with your fingertips.

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To fake dark circles, all you need is a concealer and blend it with your fingertips.

After being an Ambassador of Huda Beauty and content creator in various marketing companies, Danielle Marcan has become a beauty benchmark with easy-to-follow tutorials thanks to its few steps: from how not to fail in a hair routine after dyeing it, through the correct way to define the eyebrows or how not to faint with dark circles after 30+.

8 seconds long, the reel in question bears the legend: ‘In 2021 I am accepting my insecurities. Maybe even highlight them and use them with confidence. ‘ For it, Danielle Marcan carry your dark circles with makeup matching with defined eyelashes, discreet cat eye, thick pink lips, along with a total look who bets on a tail of hair with an open fringe and parting in the middle with which she outlines her face. Halftime fashion or encouraging message, the cards are laid out on the table.


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